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What do you think the person above yous favourite Kesha song/album is

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idrk    617

a twist on a thread I remember seeing somewhere on this site I think it was in nhb so all credit to them not sure how well thisll work out but the person who comments beneath me would have to guess my favourite and the person who comments beneath that would have to guess the person who guessed mines favourite Kesha song/ album. Only applies if the person commenting above yous favourite hasn't been guessed correctly already, in that case it'll be the most recent commentor that hasn't had their favourite guessed. (eg if someone comments 'your right' but the commentor above them hasn't had their fave guessed then the next person to comment would guess the comment


genuinely interested to see how this turns outkesha4 good luck

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Dan    15,052

Omg this is hard because you like every song cry9 





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