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Better Album - Reputation or Lover?

Better Album - Reputation or Lover?  

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  1. 1. Better Album - Reputation or Lover?

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I liked Reputation better. I loved that we finally got to hear a different sound from her. Without Reputation there wouldn't be Lover. Reputation was a point in her life where the media was constantly on her ass 24/7, even if some situations she caused herself and vice versa. Reputation was a big F U to all the sh*t people were saying about her. Lover to me fell flat after the second half. There were more songs that were filler and had no place in being there than were were in Reputation

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reputation definitely. it's a journey from beginning to end. Lover has some amazing tracks, but it kinda doesn't flow very well to me. Lover lowkey just needed some filler songs cut and the tracklist reworked for a better story flow. 


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you're entire profile is the Reputation era tho... 

Both are amazing but I'm starting to prefer Lover actually.. Cornelia Street, Afterglow, Lover is just that undeniable trinity, I'm not sure if reputation can compete 

Which of Taylor's recent two albums do you prefer and why?   The darker and gloomy world of Reputation or the bright and colorful world of Lover?  

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