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Will Demi get a #1 too?

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Now that both Ariana and Selena have reached career heights, will Demi follow as well? 
She too has had a personal life filled with trauma. It seems the record labels/managers have a formula that equates to big comebacks. So can Demi come back with a big smash about her person life too? Thoughts?

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I don't think she has the fanbase to support it. Even for her recent top 10 hits she relied on the radio to carry the songs. Also she already made songs about her troubled personal life and they didnt do anything. 

I think she already had a comeback with Skyscraper when she first got out of rehab and that didn't go to #1 either. Idk I feel like people aren't really that sympathetic to a drug abuser story meanwhile gettin past a relationship and coming out victorious ( Ariana, Selena) is a great redemption story for people.

I also think people don't like her that much anymore for her to truly have a triumphant comeback which is sad cuz out of all these Disney girls she deserves a successful comeback and a #1 the most.

I hope she proves me wrong though.

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with the big payola machine aka scooter braun behind her it is possible, i mean they leaked her nudes to sexualize her image and coincidentally that same week billbaord predicted she will comeback with a #1...  but purely on the merits of her music no.. she just doesn't have the vernacular to be #1 too problematic, terrible music, zero longevity or individuality ...shes a typecast artist 

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13 hours ago, Gabe. said:

i kinda doubt it but who knows, if Selener could get one after so many consecutive flops maybe Demon can too.

This... isn’t true though dead2 Bad Liar / Fetish didn’t do all great that but all her other droplet singles ranged from hits to smash hits. Wolves and It Ain’t Me being huge streaming/radio smashes, Taki Taki being massive on every metric basically, and Back To You was a huge radio hit and did quite well on streaming. 

None of those songs peaked very high but they all had great longevity and increased her presence on streaming and her general presence in global markets. She wouldn’t have been able to pull off this feat without those songs setting her up nicely. 


As for Demi - yes, she can do it. Scooter is managing her now and she will have some level of hype following her next release due to her personal struggles and people wanting to see what she has to say. But she doesn’t have a string of strategic releases like Selena did prior to whatever she’s going to put out, so it’s less likely.

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