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Rosalía | A Palé | OUT NOW

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Normani    7,615
50 minutes ago, Gabe. said:




“A palé” significa en lengua calé “A escondidas".
“A palé” means “in hiding” or “secretly” in the gypsy language.

El videoclip muestra una oscuridad para nada trabajada antes por parte de Rosalía. La oscuridad, la luna y las estrellas son elementos recurrentes durante la canción, generando un escenario casi onírico y lorquiano.

I highly doubt she would use gypsy language when she's been heavily criticized for doing it before.

Here you have a Caló dictionary (the language spanish gipsies use) and there's no "palé".


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Gabe.    5,041

i have no idea orangu1

 i was curious myself on what it meant a few days ago so i did some research. the Romani interpretation does make a bit of sense though 

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