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Ariana Grande Discography Rate

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1 hour ago, popmusiccritic said:

you haven't added me to the listmoo12

yea because I haven't been able to add your (or really anyone's n) ratings to my spreadsheet yet. dead2 Once I add it, I'll put your names on the list.

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21 minutes ago, Divine said:

As in you want to rank more or less? Obv rating them all is encouraged but at the very least, I need five from each era/category! jj2 

I was going to skip the Christmas and Misc sections, but I suppose I could muster up the energy to rate 5 from each. jj2 

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Tomorrow is the last day to send in your rates for the Ariana Grande Discography rate! If you already have, thank you! I will try counting everyone's scores tomorrow evening and add you to the list of participants in the OP! If you don't intend on participating, just move along! Thank you! xx  @Members

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