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Create A Label: Season 12

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Ronlop 7,381






-You can post up to three Connect posts per week per artist EXCEPT on Monday and on Wednesday! 

-Weeks are going to start on Tuesdays and end on Mondays 3 PM EST!

-You may send up to 3 CAL B PMs per month if you're under a corp. If you're independent,  you may send up to 6 per month.

-Playlist owners need to update their playlists every week only AFTER charts are released.

-You must release on a Tuesday or a Wednesday for your song to be sent to the radio panelists on time.

-You can contact your corporation at all times! If you're having budget difficulties, that's their job to help you.






You still have slots left. You can either book them yourself through CAL Business or approrach your corporation whether they can further invest. 

Warning! Sucking day will occur this month.




And on a side note! Please do not solely use Connect during the week but also twitter and actual articles.


Best luck!




Harry Styles @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft

@Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 

@Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Jon. 

   @Cosmic  @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella

@8Bit Heart  @Surrealism @Alesus  @Michael. @The Hawaiian Queen

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