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Ariana Grande has been on the low this year, with the release of her new project, "liability", which debuted at #2 on the CAL 100 charts and has since then sold almost 2 million copies around the world. What happened after to this? Especially after the mammoth success that "Ariana Grande" had in 2017-2018? Fans were left perplexed after it's underperformance and even said that they didn't like her new sound, creating conflict with them. The EP wasn't a complete commercial failure, as it was streamed over 231 million times on Encore, but the singles were a problem. It's lead single, "white ferrari", debuted at #6 on the CAL 100 and then the following week went up to #5. So far, this is the only song from the era to reach this peak inside of the top 5, a very big difference from the previous era as basically all singles peaked either at #1 or were #2 - #3. Right now, she's not giving up on it, and released a new single for it, this being "differently", a critic favourite with a new arrangement made for radio. Ariana's set to make this era work, even when it's basically coming to an end as she's embarking on her tour for it. Check out the interview with Zane Low from Beats 1 below.

ZANE: What's up errrrrybody? We have an incredible guest today here with us. She's a THREE not one, THREE times GRAMMY winner, has sold over 60 million units worldwide, has had a massive tour, massive era, five #1 singles.. She's basically done it all. Please welcome, the incredible, the amazing, THE Ariana Grande!
Ariana: [Laughs] Stop... [Laughs] Hey everyone. What's up?
ZANE: We've missed you! Where have you been? I think that's the golden question right now.
Ariana: Been everywhere, taking care of myself, my mental health. I thought it was time, after a big album era like Ariana Grande I thought I deserved it.
ZANE: I think you did too. But you disappeared in the middle of your new EP cycle too!
Ariana: [Laughs] Well yeah.. I wanted time for myself and give new music for my fans in the meantime.
ZANE: Let's talk about "liability" for a minute. It debuted at #2, it got you two new GRAMMY nominations.. How do you feel with this era being labeled as an underperformance?
Ariana: I guess it could be seen like that, because, you know, after something like Ariana Grande everything could be seen that way. But I really don't care, I'm way past this state of chasing for #1s I believe... My mindset right now is to make music, which I love and which I did with liability. I love it even more than Ariana Grande, if I'm real.
ZANE: Like Jlo?
Ariana: [Laughs] Yeah.. You're so random though.
ZANE: The EP is amazing. It actually is your first project to be universally acclaimed on Metacritic with an 80 over 100 score. That's pretty impressive.
Ariana: It is, I didn't make this EP to be like.. "Here's something that will give me acclaim", I only made this because I felt the need to express myself through my music, you know, I was in a sad time and music has always been my escape so getting this recognition was really nice, I appreciate it.
ZANE: Do you think it has a chance at winning its "Best Pop Vocal Album" GRAMMY this weekend?
Ariana: I really don't care honestly [laughs] there's a lot of great albums nominated.. I really hope Katy gets her deserved GRAMMY, "Atlantis" was amazing and I love her so much.
ZANE: Oh right, you two are friends right?
Ariana: Yeah! I love her. We worked on "Body" for her debut album and she's so cool. So funny, and overall a great friend too. She deserves all the success she's been getting this time around and Atlantis is definitely worthy of it.
ZANE: What do you think about it missing Album of the Year?
Ariana: Honestly? I think it sucks. Because she deserved it. But I guess that, it happens. 
ZANE: It happened to you at the 2018 GRAMMYs when "Ariana Grande" was snubbed there on Album of the Year too.
Ariana: [Laughs] I don't really care that much anymore, I decided that.. I'm not giving this award show the power everyone gives to it. I mean, I'm really grateful for the times I've won a GRAMMY because it is definitely amazing to have your work recognised in any way, but like every other award show, it's not the end all, be all for artists and it shouldn't be. That's at least how I see it.
ZANE: So the question is... No secret performance from you this time?
Ariana: Nah. I didn't want to! I already performed last year, so it was cool. I was offered by my label but I didn't feel like doing so. 
ZANE: So my question is... Who are you rooting for?
Ariana: Wow! [Laughs] Oh God.. So many incredibly talented artists but, I'll go with Britney, Zendaya and Katy.
ZANE: Ok so getting into the EP again. This is very different from your usual Pop sound, I feel like many people weren't really here for the sound that you were experimenting with during this era. Did you feel like, this also made you step away and find time for yourself?
Ariana: [Silence / nervous laugh]
ZANE: [Laughs] I guess that says it all..
Ariana: I mean.. Obviously it was something I didn't wanna see. When you make something, you expect everyone to understand it, soak it in and appreciate it. But I only saw a little few comments on people saying that it was so cool I was going this direction and there were other.. People that didn't feel like that. 
ZANE: That other people, your fans!
Ariana: Uhm.... [starts sobbing] Oh Jesus I'm not crying, no! [Laughs]
ZANE: Sorry if I ask, but, did you feel like your fans weren't appreciating you this time around?
Ariana: [Sobs] I mean... [sob] Uhm... I guess so? Because to me, it's all about what they want. I love them, I always want to make them happy and like, see them enjoying my music! but this time around it was a constant "you suck", "we want the old Ariana back", "what is this s***t" so it was [sob], it was hurtful. Because I never expected them to be like this.. I don't care if no one else likes it, the only validation I seek is from my fan base and I felt abandoned this time around.
ZANE: I'm so sorry you felt like that.. This wasn't a good year for you.
Ariana: It's fine, it did hurt talking about it but.. [sighs] I guess it is what it is, I only wanna make music.
ZANE: I feel like I have to ask but, was this one of the reasons why you took a break?
Ariana: [sighs]
ZANE: It's ok if you don't wanna answer, no pressure!
Ariana: Nah don't worry, I've always been like, very transparent and I don't feel like this is the time I shouldn't be.. You know? But yeah, I mean, I had a little mental breakdown when all of this happened, you know like, I couldn't carry myself around the world and pretend that I was fine because I wasn't.. I lost the support from my fans, I had the ugliest breakup ever, everything was going downhill and I couldn't handle it. My label told me that, they would support every decision I had so they decided to cover this up with just an underperformance and bad management decisions but it was the total opposite.
ZANE: Oh wow... But are you good now?
Ariana: Yeah definitely, thank you for asking though. Everything's cool now, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't. I honestly wasn't going to continue this era, but I said to myself that I needed to continue working and not give up my passion just because of how rough my time was. 
ZANE: You said in various interviews, that's the reason why "break your heart" wasn't as out there like the rest of your singles.
Ariana: Oh yeah, it was because of this definitely. I loved that song, and I'm not like, so sad that it wasn't a smash hit but... At least people heard it, that's all I wanted. But you know, not everything's meant to be a smash song so it doesn't matter.
ZANE: I think that's a great way of viewing things, so you don't get consumed with how many #1s you get!
Ariana: Exactly, I felt like that when I was on the Ariana Grande era. Especially when "Bottle Games" was released, both Zendaya and I were always overlooked so we wanted both to be like "ha! What about now?" You know what I mean? And it's amazing she's doing so well now. I'm really proud of her.
ZANE: Zendaya's been everywhere this year, it's so crazy.
Ariana: Crazy and deserved! Finally people are seeing what I've always saw.
ZANE: You two have a new song too, Bars Bars Bars and it's doing really well. What prompted you two to make this song?
Ariana: It was all about the fans, because they were always commenting on Connect and saying that they wanted to hear another Bottle Games from both of us, so, we were in the studio and said "f*** it, let's do it" and that's how it came out. I love the song, and I'm always grateful that I can spend time in the studio with her, she's such an amazing artist. 
ZANE: Ok moving on a little bit. Your tour. The liability tour, which, I still haven't been invited..
Ariana: [Laughs] You can come whenever, even sing with me on stage if you want to!
ZANE: Yeah because your fans won't wanna miss this incredible voice [laughs]
Ariana: [Laughs] You’re so annoying..
ZANE: [Laughs] So tell me, you have new dates coming up!
Ariana: Yeah! I'm going to extend the tour. New prices, bigger venues, better merch, packages. Everything. I'm really happy! I love going on tour.
ZANE: When are the tickets going to be available?
Ariana: Actually, I think they are available right now. On my Caltube! I wanted to like, just go around the world again. This is definitely going to be a much smaller tour, but it's still going to be as amazing as Ariana Grande's tour was. I have so many cool stuff going on. 
ZANE: And your tour is not to miss! Like, I saw the Ariana Grande one and also, your Freedom Festival one and you're such an incredible performer.
Ariana: Thank you! You're too sweet [laughs] But yeah I love performance and I try to make every tour I'm on especial and different so it doesn't feel like you're going to the same thing over and over again. You know?
ZANE: I totally get it. Ok Ariana, thank you so much for being here. Everyone, please don't go away, Ariana's going to perform her brand new single, "differently" and "break your heart". After the commercial break, she'll take over the station and play her favourite songs.
Ariana: Yeah, don't miss it!
Zane: This was a ride.. [Laughs]
Ariana: You're telling me.. [Laughs] Oh! Wait, don't forget to get tickets for my tour on my Caltube page, and to also stream liability on Encore!!


After the interview ends, Beats 1 would do a one off and let Ariana perform on their show three songs. This, would be also streamed on the Beats 1 main page + on Apple's store, so the fans would see the whole acoustic performance live. She'd begin with her signature hit song, Heaven and Hell, for this performance Ariana would stand up in front of a microphone with her backup singers who would help her in the chorus of the song as she was only singing the adlibs, giving the background singers more space for them to showcase their vocals. Ariana continued by adding more riffs and adlibs towards the end of the song and then finishing up with laughing and then thanking her incredible background singers who were "killing it". Next up, was "break your heart" the second single off liability. This would have the same rendition as Heaven and Hell but Ariana would be more involved on the chorus and on the intro and outro of the song as well. Next up, differently, the new single. Before she begun performing this one, Ariana was showing how excited she was to be back and to get the chance of releasing another single off liability and then moved onto performing the song. She'd wow everyone with the vocal rendition of this one, literally saving the best for last and when the performance ends she'd hug everyone and thank the viewers. She'd then remind them that she was taking over the radio station and play her favourite songs + to stream her music on Encore and Caltube. . 



  • white ferrari - Ariana Grande
  • Hunting You - Lana Del Rey
  • Watch Me Bleed - Shawn Mendes
  • Criminal - Maluma 
  • Lovesick - Troye Sivan
  • Bars Bars Bars - Zendaya & Ariana Grande
  • break your heart - Ariana Grande
  • Edge of the Sun - Florence Welch, Brendon Urie
  • Another Galaxy - Katy Perry
  • Mirage - Mariah Carey
  • Do You Still Think of Me? - Kelly Clarkson
  • Sacred Matter - Shakira
  • differently - Ariana Grande
  • Dancing in Paris - Lorde
  • Shut My Eyes - Florence Welch
  • goodbye - Ariana Grande
  • Secret - Shawn Mendes
  • Hurt Me - Hilary Duff
  • Red Room - Lindsay Lohan
  • Catch Me in the Sun - Katy Perry
  • Heaven and Hell - Ariana Grande
  • Preacher - Brendon Urie, Ariana Grande
  • Don't Need You (No More) - Sabrina Carpenter
  • Rosa - Lana Del Rey
  • God Complex - Maluma, Brendon Urie, Zayn
  • Run Boy Run - Lady Gaga, Xtina
  • Catch Me - Jessie J
  • High Voltage - Madison Beer
  • BOHO - Zendaya


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hector 31,491

im over it..... this shitty ass quality dead4 it is what it is

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hector 31,491




On the new liability tour dates
Ariana: Yup, they are finally out [laughs] I talked to Republic Records and Warner Music Group to expand the tour, make it bigger and have more stuff to give to the fans when they come see me. There are a lot of amazing things you’ll get, you can check it out on my website or on my Caltube page, whichever suits you best. I started the tour not too long ago, maybe two weeks? And it was already completely sold out which made me so happy and eager to like, do this and get more fans the chance to come on tour. Y’all should come, it’s very fun and cooL! [Laughs] But for real, I’m having so much fun right now and I can’t wait to see everyone there having fun as well. If I’m not wrong, the tour will last until April this year, but we’re looking to add more dates too. Can’t wait. 

Releasing differently as a single
Ariana: I’ve always loved “differently”! To me the song was one the highlights of the whole EP and it was actually going to be the second single off it but my previous label thought it was better to release “break your heart” which I adore but I feel like, this one hits... Differently [laughs] no pun intended! So I went to the studio with Max Martin and Social House to work on the song because I thought it would be a cute surprise for the fans to give them a new version of it with new adlibs, new lyrics, arrangement, change the whole atmosphere of the song because prior to this change, the song was more sad, now it’s the total opposite with me even joking in the end of the song. It’s so much better for me now, hopefully everyone loves it too! Please stream it on Encore, let’s get it on Todays Top Hits! Also I think it’s playlisted, but I don’t remember, the only one I remember right now is Maluma’s so stream there too [laughs].

On liability 
Ariana: To me working on liability was very important because it was such a great way to let go all this anger and sadness that I was feeling during that horrible period of time. Music to me is very therapeutic and this happened when I broke up with Ariel, so to me it was much needed. I feel like, my fans not getting into the songs kinda makes me sad because of how important they are to me but it’s all good. My main concern with this was basically that I couldn’t put myself on stage and perform the songs with a happy face when I was clearly not comfortable and all of that but that’s all in the past too, right now I am in a much better place and I don’t give the songs too much of a power. It’s easier for me now to talk and perform this, it was a really long recovery but I’m glad I’m back. 


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TROYE SIVAN - "P.S. (Still in Love)" / "Way Too Much (Piano Remix)" RELEASE


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Maria 5,494



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Kelly Performs at Twitter Corporate Gig |US


Kelly Clarkson has just made her long-awaited comeback to the spotlight. She recently released her second best-selling single yet, “Better Days,” only to step away from the public eye soon after its release. Over the next seven months, silence would follow, and Kelly would retreat to be away with her family for personal reasons yet to be revealed to the general public. Now, she makes her arrival back on the scene with a bold new release – “Do You Still Think of Me?”. The track, which released this past Friday, harkens back to what Kelly originally set out to do in summer 2018 with the release of the 80s-tinged, “In the Night”. The LP it was originally intended for was shelved, however, due to Kelly not feeling satisfied with where the project was headed. Things are different now, and with Kelly finding new inspiration and direction for the album, things seem to be back on track. Now, Kelly sets out on a worldwide promotional campaign that involves TV appearances, performances, radio interviews, TV ads, and more.


As a result of continued promotion and push from her label, Accent Records, “Do You Still Think of Me?” achieved a new peak on the Hot 100 by hitting #13 after out-peaking its debut position on its release. Weeks ago, the song moved into the top 10. Peaking at #6, the song has consistently stayed in the top 10 since its entrance. Moving over 2.6 million units as of last week, the song is positioned to become Clarkson’s best-selling single by next week. To continue promotion of the song and the upcoming album, Kelly gave a concert at the Twitter private corporation event.


The performance began with a dark stage. A special musical introduction began that included a heavy mix of minor-chords to create suspense and anticipation. As the music grew, a track played Kelly’s vocals in the mix of it all. Her voice was drowned in reverb to create an “echo” and atmospheric effect. The vocals were less of a melody or consistent performance of sorts and rather another instrument to add to the instrumental introduction to the concert as she was singing vocal ad libs. The music built up and the screens, which had been displaying beauty shots of Kelly walking around the hotel of the “Do You Still Think of Me?” music video, began to flicker in and out as the music reached a climax. Kelly stepped out on stage as the transition into the first song, “Who You Love”, began. The crowd went wild! Singing along to every word, it was clear the audience was engaged and already enjoying Kelly’s amazing performance. At the end of the song, the crowd applauded once more.


 Kelly then introduced herself. “Well hello, Twitter!” The crowd cheered. “I’m so happy to be here with you all tonight. This is, like, my first legitimate live concert for this whole new album cycle and everything – You’re my first!” She laughed as the crowd roared with applause. “I haven’t gotten to do a full show in a while, so I’m ready to have some fun tonight, and I hope you are too! Tonight is all about unity and inclusiveness. This is art; this is music! Everybody is invited to the table. One thing I love about music is how it unites us. So many of us in this room typically wouldn’t be in the same place as one another, but music connects us and brings us together. That’s powerful! So, with that said, I hope you enjoy our show. This next one is called “Mad Hatter”! The performance was a highlight of the night. Visuals from the song’s 2016 music video flashed on screen as Kelly belted out the hit single from her album, Masquerade. Her vocal delivery is what really pushed the performance above.


Moving right along, the crowd cheered at the end of the song as Kelly’s band on to “Bite” – the second single from her most recent 2017 album, ANALOG. This marked the first live in-concert performance the song has ever received; the same goes for “Who You Love” ‘s earlier performance as Kelly did not get the opportunity to tour her last record. Kelly finished the song and crowd cheered once again. She moved center stage to talk a little to the audience. “How are y’all feelin’?” The crowd roared with excitement. “Man, I don’t know about y’all, but I just need.. a hot second here [Laughs] Candice, can you come out here?”. Candice, Kelly’s stylist, comes running out to fix Kelly’s dress as a slight wardrobe malfunction happened. She jokes her way through it with her iconic charisma and charm. “You never know what you’ll get a Kelly Clarkson show, folks [Laughs]!” The crowd laughs with her and gives Candice applause after a cue from Kelly as she exits the stage. “This is why I don’t ever dress up unless it’s for stuff like this,” She says laughing. “Any way! Now that that fiasco is over. I’m gonna awkwardly transition us to the next song! [Laughs] This next one we’re gonna do for you is actually one that we re-worked into this sort of ballad. We hope you enjoy it!” Kelly then begins to sing “Cosmic”. The song has been stripped back to just strings and a piano to accompany Kelly. Kelly’s vocals were able to take center stage and shine. Her emotional delivery was key here, and the soul in her voice was evident. While she sang, behind the scenes footage of Kelly and her husband (also her manager) working together played to go along with the lyrics of the love song. The crowd loved the new arrangement and gave a grand applause for it at the end.


“This next song is actually a cover. As you guys know, I got my start on American Idol singing covers. We do one on tour every night, and it always fan requested. Tonight, though, it is me-requested because I just HAD to hear this song. It’s by this guy – you guys might know him – his name is Shawn Mendes?” The crowd went wild with applause. “Yeah, he’s pretty great!! I just heard his new record the other day and my GOODNESS. It is amazing. I’m such a fan. I love his honesty and vulnerability. I think we need that more than ever right now in music, so I wanted to cover this incredible song. It’s called ‘I Feel You’!”. As the song’s guitar intro began, the crowd cheered. The front-line stage lights went dark and the lights directly above Kelly illuminated her silhouette. They flickered and changed color to the beat of the song. Lightning played a key role here as it created mood and atmosphere to enhance the tone of the song. Kelly’s beautiful vocals complimented the song well. Her ability to deliver a songs message and emotion did not disappoint here either.


The stage went dark at the end of the song as the audience applauded Kelly’s incredible performance. The a dark synth could be heard playing as an extended introduction to the next song began playing. Kelly came back out on stage – signifying the start of a “second act” of sorts. The audience cheered again as she said, “Are you ready??”. “This is my latest single, ‘Do You Still Think of Me’! Sing along with me!”. A disco ball descended from the stage ceiling and glittered across the room at the top of the first chorus. The energy in the room was amazing with the crowd singing along to every word with Kelly on her new hit single. The performance included a special musical interlude too that sampled Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much” where dancers joined Kelly on stage as she did light choreography belting G5 ad-libs. After the song ended, the next song soon began. Kelly then began singing her 2012 smash hit, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”. The song was another highlight of the night with its message of empowerment and overcoming adversity.


“Alright, y’all, this is our last song tonight. We have had such an AMAZING time with you tonight. Seriously, thank you so much for having me. This is my favorite thing to get to do! You have been so great. Help us sing this last one – it’s still one of my favorites and it’s called, ‘Masquerade’!”. The crowd went wild with applause as the iconic intro of the #2 smash hit began. The disco ball that had been in “Do You Still Think of Me?” descended once again and glittered around the room. The visuals on screen this time, though, changed from the usual ball-room visuals Kelly uses with the song. This time, the visuals included un-released footage of Kelly in a disco outfit dancing with others on a dance floor in a dark-purple room. The goal was to combine the feeling of the new era with the familiarity of the past Masquerade era. The performance had high energy and the audience were clearly feeling Kelly’s enthusiasm. The show ended with one last big moment musically as Kelly thanked everyone for coming and promised them she’ll see them “very soon!”.



Who You Love

Mad Hatter



I Feel You (Shawn Mendes Cover)

Do You Still Think of Me?

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You?)



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hector 31,491




The show begins with Ariana getting presented by Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, "Guys, thank you so much all for coming to this event we at Twitter made for you, our incredible workers who help this incredible company grow each year. We just had Kelly Clarkson perform for us, wasn't she incredible? [Audience cheers] Now we have another huge star. She's a three time GRAMMY winner, with five #1 hits and an album that has 1 billion streams on Encore. Do you know who she is? Please welcome the incredible Ariana Grande!" And then the lights would go out and you'd hear Ariana singing the break your heart intro, "What's up everybody?" and the crowd screamed as they would see now the whole stage bright and with LED screens showing the official music video for the song as Ariana was already singing the first verse and walking around the stage. Ariana's dancers then came out from the audience and while they were doing so, they would interact with the audience and dance with them as Ariana sits on the edge and grabs the hand of some of them and sings. She'd go back to the middle of the stage to perform now her hit single, white ferrari, and for this performance she'd tone it down a little bit as she wanted to showcase more her vocals. Ariana was standing in a round platform that would be spinning slowly as she was singing and parts of the music video were show. She'd finish it and then immediately move onto the next song, this one being the third single, differently, "This is the new version of the song, sing with me!" she'd say as a lyric video was seen on the screens and Ariana was now doing the song with the whole audience singing along with her. As the performance was coming to an end, Ariana was then seen sitting down in some stairs that were in the middle of the stage and sing the rest of the song there. "Y'all are an amazing audience!" she'd laugh, "Ok this next song is very important for me.. This was my first #1 single, so please sing along with me." and then Bed of Lies starts and everyone would be singing in unison. For this performance and for Some Kind of Drug's, she'd be sitting there and sing to the audience.

The lights go out as SKOD ends and then the intro of Heaven and Hell was heard, with the whole place now being tinted in pink because of the lights and the music video was now displayed on the screens. Ariana comes out with another outfit and starts singing. Her dancers, all had beach balls with them and they'd be throwing them to the audience and you'd see the whole venue throwing those balls everywhere as Ariana was dancing on the stage. Into You begins immediately, and she'd bring three people on stage and sing with them, the dancers would do a simple choreo with them to include them on the show and then you'd see Ariana going down to where the audience was as a path was cleared for her and she was singing there with everyone. "I know you know this one...Sing with me!" and they'd sing the chorus once again as then Ariana says "louder! louder!" and she goes back to the middle of the stage and now she'd perform one of her biggest hits, Bottle Games and the screens were now showing the music video and the audience was screaming loudly. She'd carry on the same energy as the last two songs with her interacting more with the audience and then finishing the performance with more beach balls being thrown and flickering lights. She'd then thank Jack Dorsey for inviting her and the Twitter employees for being an incredible audience. After that, she'd be seen mingling with them, talking to Jack and also having a great time. She'd also be seen talking with Kelly Clarkson and even took some photos together. 


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hector 31,491




Frans van Houten, Philip's CEO, would be seen on stage. He'd then, would be given a microphone and says, "Thank you everyone for coming to tonight's event, it's great to see everyone here and having a great time. To make everything even better, we have two musical guests for you. [Crowd cheers] This young lady is a GRAMMY winner, has many hit songs and everyone loves her. Please lets all give a warm welcome to the incredible, Ariana Grande." and the crowd cheers & claps again with then the lights switching to a dim blue light with then Ariana showing up on stage and waving to the crowd. She'd stand in the middle of the stage as fog was covering all of it and setting the mood of the song.. Ariana was now belting the song and the music video was seen on the screens as she was now taking the mic off the stand and walking around the stage and then she poses, she'd look to the audience and break your heart immediately begins to be heard as at least 15 women were seen coming to the stage and they were Ariana's background singers who would help her elevate the song, with their incredible voices through-out the whole performance. Ariana then stops and then as the background vocalists were continuing singing, she'd say "I haven't sang this in such a really long time.. If you know the words sing a long with me!" and then they would start singing the melody of DEJAVU. This was a short performance, with Ariana only singing until the chorus of the song and then a mix would be heard with Ariana then saying "Please welcome, Maluma!" and he comes out behind her and Preacher begins with him singing Brendon's verses and everyone was screaming and cheering. Ariana and Maluma would showcase a lot of chemistry together on stage and that they were having a lot of fun together, with them also pointing the microphone to the crowd so everyone could sing very loudly the lyrics of the song. Then trumpets were incorporated in the chorus, with them then playing the intro of Some Kind of Drug and they'd sit down on the stairs and sing to each other. When the performance ends, Maluma would thank everybody and give Ariana a hug, he was seen then exiting the stage. 

Ariana gets up and then puts her microphone on the mic stand, she'd then continue performing Plain Lovin' and you'd see her dancers being around the stage and the music video being displayed on the screens. The chorus of the song came and Ariana was the on the edge of the stage and hands the microphone to a group of women that were near her and they would sing the chorus together with Ariana enjoying it and then the microphone was passed on to her again and she'd go to the other side of the stage and do the same, she'd belt a note and then the song ends. differently now begins and Ariana would go to the middle of the stage and perform the song there while her dancers would be seen doing acrobatics around the place and Ariana seeing them. One of them was dancing next to Ariana and she rejects him and laughs, as she continued singing. The song ends and she'd say "y'all are an amazing crowd, wow, I didn't think you would all know the words to DEJAVU and Plain Lovin, but I'm a bit shook" and laugh. "I'm sure y'all know this song though.." And Bottle Games begins and everyone goes crazy. Next up was Heaven and Hell, these two performances were very energetic and you could see Ariana around the stage dancing and singing. When the performance comes to an end, the whole venue had a lot of confetti being dropped from the ceiling and Ariana was thanking everyone. Later, she would be seen mingling with everybody and personally thanking Frans for inviting her.


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