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Create A Label: Season 12

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hector 31,491


ariana grande on jimmy fallon | usa



for fucks sake stupid IMGUR AKJSABSF ykw...

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Kuba 13,891

Katy Perry Earnings 

- I'm so late & like 3 weeks behind, so sorry ron luv nnn


Week 7 - Singles: 567,329 + Albums: 905,125 = 1,472,454

Week 8 - Singles: 581,000 + Albums: 1,365,025 = 1,946,025

Week 9 - Singles: 448,769 + Albums: 793,320 = 1,242,089

  The Sims 4 = 3,000,000

= $7,660,569

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hector 31,491





count this as one on kworb + charts and on encore please... merge everything, but the one visible should be the OG on the charts, etc

ps sorry edu, i needed something quick and ur template was there in my desktop ksks

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The lights go down, sending the entire venue into darkness. The beginning of the opening track from Shawn’s new project, “I Feel You”, is heard as the stage is slowly illuminated in a deep green light, similar to the green tone seen through the project’s visuals. Shawn made his entrance in the darkness and is standing at the mic with a green guitar in hand. This is the first time that this song has been performed live, but Shawn and the band seem to be incredibly comfortable with it already. Shawn’s vocals are smooth and clear and his playing is tight and precise. At the conclusion of the song, Shawn flashes a smile to the audience as he begins to make a guitar switch.


“How’s everybody feeling?” The crowd cheers. “I’m glad to hear it! Thank you so much Ebay for inviting us out to play for you. This next song is from my new EP.” Shawn and the band then launch into a performance of “What We Say in the Dark”. The track is one of Shawn’s favorite from the new project and that comes through in his delivery. He seems to be very at home within the track and delivers it’s unique guitar part with ease, as he does the vocals. He smiles at the people in the crowd singing along with him, the song already having made it’s way into the heads of some of the audience members.


Shawn repeats the guitar part found in the final chorus an extra two times as the song transforms into the opening guitar of “Watch Me Bleed”.  By this point, the song is well engrained in the heads of the audience and they confidently sing along with Shawn who often stops to hear them sing. He signals for the band to keep the song going at the end and he holds th mic out to let the audience sing the chorus by themselves. Next up is “Secret” which is performed in it’s traditional album arrangement. The audience is particularly fond of this song and they belt the the lyrics back to Shawn. He sings with confidence and a smile on his face. By the song’s conclusion, everyone’s energy is spiked. Shawn’s especially as he’s noticeably beginning to sweat from the energy he’s pushing into the music and performance.


“This next song was a big one for me. This was my first track to enter the top three and gave my album it’s third consecutive hit. I think you all probably know it. This song is called Oasis.” Shawn and the band immediately launch into one of the most purely joyous tracks from his sophomore album. The audience certainly does know the song and they sing along with the same gusto and confidence as Shawn. Feeling particularly into the song, Shawn delivers an amazing solo in the middle of the song which earns a rapturous thunder of applause and cheers from the audience. At the end of the song, Shawn removes his guitar and takes a towel to wipe his face down a bit before moving over to a piano that’s been wheeled on stage.


Shawn begins the love ballad “If These Walls Could Talk” from his sophomore album. Though the person he wrote the song about is no longer his lover, the sentiment behind the song is clearly still very much in Shawn’s heart. He has a huge smile on his face through the entire song, especially when the audience takes over for him on the song’s beautiful and heartfelt chorus. At the end of the song, Shawn claps for the audeience and thanks them. He then moves into “The Memory Remains”, but this performance is with only piano and the background vocals (supplied by a female vocalist friend of Shawn’s). The performance is effective in it’s simplicity and it clearly moves Shawn. When he finishes, he uses the bench to step up on top of the piano where a mic is handed up to him.


“Thank you so much for having me. This last song is a bit of an old one, but in a new way. I love you all!” Shawn’s band then launches into the tour version of “Sweetest Sin”. Shawn doesn’t play, instead he just sings. He performs mostly on top of the piano but jumps down for the big conclusion. At the end of the song, Shawn’s band and the background singer comes forward and they all take a bow. Shawn waves and blows a kiss to the crowd as he exits.


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