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On why she chose to release a ballad as the lead singleI know, I know, many people ask me why? Since it’s a ballad and it’s the least commercial thing I could’ve released from this album but honesly.. Who cares? I loved the song when I wrote it, when I recorded it and when I heard it for the first time. I knew this was going to be the song for me to kickstart this era wether it goes #1 or doesn’t even chart, I could care less, right know I’m doing what I love and releasing music from the heart. Dolly Parton is such a huge inspiration for me and she once said, “The timeless songs, are the ones that come from the heart” and that’s what I wanna do. Dolly was a huge Country star but she didn’t have incredible chart success, she didn’t care, she did what she wanted to do. So yeah, what I’m doing is that exactly and that’s why I released “Hurt Me” as the lead. I love the song, saw everyone loving it too. It’s a dream come true! Please stream it on Encore [laughs].

Her relationship with Shawn MendesWe’re cool. Everyone would expect that after what happened, we wouldn’t talk at all or treat ourselves like complete strangers but that’s not how I do things honestly. Shawn was a big part of my life, so I’m not cutting him off because of one mistake that I did, as a matter of fact, he’s incredible for not doing it either. We decided that us being just friends is the best idea, we don’t hate each other, we don’t have any kind of bad blood, we just happen to be good friends [laughs]. I also still respect him as an artist, he’s dope, love that he always has something to say with his music instead of creating shallow Pop. Boy’s always got something to say [laughs]. We talked recently, like, a few days ago before I released Hurt Me because I wanted to show the song to him before it was being released and he loved it, said that he wanted to hear the album and all of that jazz. He’s a cool dude and I’m glad that I can call him a friend after all. And I hope that he continues killing it the way he’s doing it now!

On what she’s going to do during the holidaysRight now, I’m planning on watching a Christmas especial and that’s it. [Laughs] Obviously hang out with my family, my baby Luca, who’s like obsessed with Christmas just like his mom! [Laughs]. Usually I open the presents with him at 12PM and then when he goes to sleep I pour myself a big, but like, really big glass of wine and then lay back and watch some Christmas movies until I fall asleep. I know, I’m such a dorky and boring mom [laughs] but that’s how things are in my house! [Laughs] I guess this time around I’m going to do the same. For new years ever, I don’t know.. Maybe go to a party or something? My family and I always travel for New Years Eve but I’ve never been to New York for this time of the year so maybe that’ll be our place to go this year. I’m so excited because 2020 is going to be the biggest year for me, I can feel it. 


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hector 31,485




“Hurt Me” and it’s receptionOh it’s been amazing! I’ve seen most of Brendon’s fans going crazy towards it, maybe it’s because Brendon took part on the work of the song and everything [laughs] but maybe they just like it. Hopefully it’s both! [laughs] but yeah, it’s been so crazy. I didn’t think that the song would be going up and up the charts like that, this is a first so I’m pumped and thankful. I didn’t expect that king of reception, so overwhelming. I have to confess that honestly, releasing something like Hurt Me was indeed kind of nerve-wrecking because of how personal it is for me and I didn’t knew how Shawn’s fans would take it because if you hear the song without knowing the story behind it, you would think I don’t like Shawn or something like that which is not the case at all. Hurt Me is me opening up, sharing something that is very personal to me and it’s really nice to see people relating to it, singing it, and positive comments. 

If she’s planning to go on tourOh that would be amazing, but I need to get this damn album out first! [Laughs] Maybe that’ll happen once Spellbound is out. Even though I have been thinking of going in a mini tour around the US, but like, a theatre tour, really up close and personal before the album comes out but I don’t know.. I only have two songs that people barely know [laughs] so I need to work harder to get there and make this tour dream come true because I really want to. Going around the world with Brendon on the Misconceptions Tour was.. A dream, like, it was such a huge stage and thousands of people every night! We even had 20k capacity venues sold out. That’s so crazy! I kinda want that, like, a lot of people being there with me singing my songs and have a great time together. I had such a great time on Brendon’s tour and I want that too on mine. Whenever it happens [laughs]. I always plan things ahead of time, maybe I’ll do that too with the tour. My fantasy tour if you will [laughs]. 

On EncoreIt has become a necessity for artists to make their music heard and I love it! I use Encore all the time, even though I’m still a sucker for physical albums, when you go on a road trip it’s more comfortable to just skip instead of change CDs every time you wanna hear a new song which is cool and very handy when you have kids like me [laughs]. I always use it when I work out, all the damn time. [Laughs] so when Republic Records told me that they wanted my music to be up there, since I didn’t use it before, I was like “hell yeah!” and we started to upload everything there. Spellbound has like, 21 million streams. Insane!! I don’t know hoe much Hurt Me has because I haven’t looked but it’s amazing to see how many people is listening to your stuff. I never imagined seeing 21 million streams for one of my songs! So cool. So... [Laughs] Shameless promo, stream my songs there and help me get them on Todays Top Hits!


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hector 31,485




Handling being a mom and a Pop star[Laughs] It’s hard.. Like, hard, hard! Mostly because I always want to have Luca with me, by my side but there are moments that I can’t have him with me because he has to go to school and all of that. I can’t drag him around and take him with me around the world because I want him to stay focused on school, build up friendships, be a kid! I worked hard when I was a kid and I don’t want my baby boy to miss his childhood just because he’s following me. But besides that, I think I have it good! I spend a lot of time with Luca and have the time to come to radio interviews and go to the studio and continue working on Spellbound. I guess it’s easier now because I don’t have a tight schedule like say, Mariah Carey or Kelly Clarkson, but hopefully if I reach that kind of level of popularity I wish I could balance my life the way they do. Especially Mariah, so crazy that she’s everywhere but still has the time to spend with her kids. 

On her inspirations behind SpellboundHmmm, though question I guess. Because I haven’t thought about it? I guess I do have inspirations for this album. To be honest, I’ll always say Dolly Parton because she’s my goddess, y’all have no idea. I love, love her and I can definitely see this album being inspired by her and her music. Spellbound isn’t Country, it kinda leans towards it but it doesn’t touch it, it’s still Pop but with a lot of genres mixed in so well with each other. I love that about this album. Maybe I could also say, Harry Styles? He’s amazing. I loved lusT and his sound, I kinda wanted that too on this album but with a twist. If you put Spellbound and lusT together you won’t even think of how mine is inspired by it [laughs] especially when you listen to the title track and Hurt Me. But yeah. Oh wait, I love Kelly Clarkson too, she’s definitely an inspiration for this album. Breakway, hello? [Laughs]. I look up to a lot of musicians and get inspired by a lot of them too when I make my music so it’s kinda hard to pic a few. Brendon’s up there too, it’s so crazy to have him working on my album.

If she’s going to start acting againActually, I have thought about it. Yeah, but not right now. I’m focused on my music and getting this album done, which is a goal I’m setting myself [laughs] I can’t let my fans down once again with another canceled album [laughs] besides I’m feeling a lot more inspired now and I have a lot of stories to tell with this album which got me excited. I was talking with my manager from Republic Records about this because I do love acting and that’s the thing that got me here you know, my first passion, and I do wanna dive into it even if it’s for minor roles and all of that. I’ve got some scripts for really cool stuff, there’s a show that’s being filmed. It’s a horror one, and I’m so stoked for that. Maybe I’ll do it. Hopefully it gives me the time to do it too! [Laughs] Since filming takes a lot of time. So I’m looking for, but I’m working more on music than anything else. 


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KYLIE: I can’t believe it’s out already, honestly, it was such a magical time for me as an artist to be able to present myself like this and also make music like this so.. It’s surreal to me, that it’s already out! When I was on my other label, I gave up to the idea of having something out, like, even songs, you know? But I could release a whole EP which is incredible. I saw the reaction from fans around the world with the EP and it’s been very overwhelming because this means the world to me, and not because people are paying attention to it, but mostly because people are actually listening to it, understanding the message behind it and soaking in the beauty of it. It’s just.. Awesome. I want to work on more and more music, this got me so hyped for the next step but right now, my eyes are on making more people hear my music.

Working with Madonna on “Froid”
KYLIE: Madonna and I had a fall out at the beginning of this year, but it’s understandable why. I wasn’t myself and I was saying.. Stuff that I didn’t need to say which I already apologised for. She was very understanding, and I reached out to work together and she came to the studio the next morning and we started working on this song “Froid” which is the end of the EP. I loved her input on the song, loved that she was so invested on it and that also congratulated me for the calibre that the EP has in terms of “quality”, I didn’t knew how to react [laughs] because she’s Madonna! So it was very flattering. The song’s available for streaming on Encore so you can catch that up.

If she’s going to release a video for “Humanize”
KYLIE: Yeah! I’m directing it myself, because I didn’t want anyone else to do it. I thought that it would give this video a more especial meaning if I did this myself. I’m going to have someone with me, helping me because obviously I’m not a director [laughs] so I need to still learn. Maybe I’m co-directing, that’s how I would put it actually. The video’s beautiful and I’m planning on releasing it very soon! It’s going to give the song and the EP a whole new meaning and I can’t wait for that. We have no date for it to be out yet but I’m going to try my best and release it very soon. Working on this is a career highlight, I’ve always wanted to direct so this is going to make me scrap that off my bucket list [laughs]. 


When the interview ends, Kylie would take the stage to perform her single Humanize. She’d be introduced by the hosts from the show and then you’d see the stage, it was on the set next to where she had the interview and you could see the fans in the street from the big windows where Kylie would be performing the track acoustically facing the fans who would be singing with her too. She’d stay in the stool all the performance as this one was to showcase her vocal delivery and emotion than anything else and then when the performance ends the hosts reminds everyone to purchase Humanize and to stream it on both Encore and Caltube.


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Working with Flume on “Humanize”
KYLIE: Flume and I go way, way back! We were friends before I even decided to do music [laughs] one time, jokingly, I said to him that if I became a singer he would need to produce something for me, he promised it and.. Here we are! He’s an amazing producer that has his own vision and sound, it’s like.. Something out of this world which was what I wanted. So we started working on this EP and I wanted to not do a regular song, I wanted this to be.. How can I say it, I wanted this to tell a story. Each song with a different story. Humanize was the first song that we did together, that was the one that started it all and I wouldn’t even think of releasing any other song besides this one because it really shows what the EP is about. I’m very proud of it. 

The meaning behind the EP
KYLIE: Oh, well anyone can interpret it the way they want to actually. But, I am going to share with you how this EP was built. I wanted this to tell a story and not be an EP that was made just because I needed something to be out, you know? Like I wanted each song to be connected with each other and let the EP tell a story which is, my story of what happened to me and how I was coping with it. It starts with THIS IS KYLIE which is basically an introduction of who I am and the product my label wanted me to become and it ends with Froid which is where I found love and understanding. I don’t want to go into deep with all of it because I want everyone who listens to it, on Encore [laughs], to feel the story. If I tell it to you, you would go and listen and try to hear the story, but not feel it. If that makes sense


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On her Christmas single “Sweetest Holiday”
KYLIE: Oh my, I honestly kinda forgot about it [laughs] but it’s because Ariana and I did this song from one day to the other and released it without doing anything else. I don’t even think people are aware that this song is even out [laughs] I mean, even I forgot about it [laughs] but it’s such a fun, cute and sexy song that would definitely put you in the Christmas mood. This was like our version of Santa Baby, it’s like that. I still have it on my Encore page if anyone wants to go there and give it a stream or two during the holidays! I love the song, it was such a fun recording and I’m glad that I could make it with Ariana. She’s the queen of Christmas after all! [Laughs] I’m going to give it a few spins after I leave [laughs].

Looking back at her past
KYLIE: Honestly, many people have asked me if I have some kind of resentment with my previous label, and the people that were involved in what everything that happened to me and... I don’t have it anymore, like, nothing at all. I have learned that forgiving and moving on is the best thing that I can do because being locked in this cage, thinking about it and finding ways to have some kind of, I don’t know, revenge? It’s not healthy at all. All I have to do is accept it and forgive everyone for what happened, that’s the only way I’ll find peace for myself and continue doing what I love. I didn’t want this to stop what I was doing, which was making music, so I decided to be strong and leave it all in the past. This does not define who I am and I’m not going to let that be. 

On the LIBIDO controversy
KYLIE: I don’t know what to say about this, we were just having fun! LIBIDO is such a fun song and honestly, if you are still mad at Britney Spears pushing the envelope then... I don’t know what to tell you! She’s going to keep doing this because that’s who she is, she’s a strong woman that is very confident about her sexuality and won’t stop because some close-minded people tell her to “close her legs.” which is super sexist. She doesn’t care about what people say which is admirable, I look up to her for that because I’ve always wanted to be like that and I feel that I’m getting there. Britney’s a legend, she’s helping us female artists to not be afraid to embrace our sexuality and be as free as we want to. People need to get over it.


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Kelly Clarkson has just made her long-awaited comeback to the spotlight. This past January, she released her best-selling single yet, “Better Days,” only to step away from the public eye soon after its release. Over the next seven months, silence would follow and Kelly would retreat to be away with her family for personal reasons yet to be revealed to the general public. Now, she makes her arrival back on the scene with a bold new release – “Do You Still Think of Me?”. The track, which released this past Friday, harkens back to what Kelly originally set out to do in summer 2018 with the release of the 80s-tinged, “In the Night”. The LP it was originally intended for was shelved, however, due to Kelly not feeling satisfied with where the project was headed. Things are different now, and with Kelly finding new inspiration and direction for the album, things seem to be back on track. Now, Kelly sets out on a worldwide promotional campaign that involves TV appearances, performances, radio interviews, TV ads, and more. 

In celebration of Black Friday, Kelly Clarkson has teamed up with Target to offer limited edition Black Friday Target Exclusive versions of her previous albums, singles, and most current offering, “Do You Still Think of Me?”. The deal, which cost a rumoured amount near the ten million mark, includes worldwide in-store ads and displays that showcase the offerings. Ads have been placed across Target’s entire site to promote the collection of physical copies from Kelly’s catalog.




Included in the collection is a wide variety of collector’s items. 12” Vinyls, 7” Vinyls, Cassettes, and CD singles have been issued. A complete list has been added below along with some pictured below as a showcase of the biggest offerings. All of the physical media are being sold at discounted rates and come with extra merch bundled together with them like posters, stickers, lithographic photos, and even signed copies (limited to 1,000 copies signed - distributed across stores throughout the world). The vinyls and cassettes have received never-before-released designs that match their respective album covers. Kelly’s album Phoenix has also received a new album cover.

The deal comes as another major push from Kelly’s team to get her new single, “Do You Still THink of Me?” out into the world. Released just two weeks ago, the song has already become a top 40 hit, adding to the list among her other singles to chart in the commonly known popular ranks. In the coming days and weeks, Kelly will be visiting different radio stations and TV shows alike to continue further promotion. She also recently performed at the VMAs red carpet show where she gave a show-stopping performance that has been praised for excellent vocals and use of a more limited stage. 




Full list of released physicals.



• Phoenix (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Vinyl LP] - Featuring new album cover, fire-red translucent vinyl discs, and 3 lithographic 12x12 photos.


• Phoenix (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Cassette] - Featuring new album cover, gold-colored cassette tapes, and fold-out poster.


• Masquerade (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Vinyl LP] - Featuring translucent marble-textured vinyl discs and 3 lithographic 12x12 photos.


• Masquerade (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Cassette] - Featuring graphic cassette tapes, fold-out poster, and 3 collectible stickers. 

• The Masquerade World Tour Live (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Vinyl LP] - Featuring translucent black vinyl disc with red splatter and 3 lithographic 12x12 photos.


• The Masquerade Word Tour Live (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Cassette] - Featuring graphic cassette tapes, fold-out poster, and 3 collectible stickers.


• ANALOG (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Vinyl LP] - Featuring new holographic album cover with multi-colored translucent vinyl discs and 3 lithographic 12x12 photos. Includes deluxe edition tracks that were never released on Vinyl before!


• ANALOG (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Cassette] - Featuring broadcast signal graphic cassette tapes, fold-out poster, and 3 collectible stickers.




• “Bad Habits (Black Friday Target Exclusive)” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring dark blue-colored vinyl disc. Includes live performance from “The Voice”. 

B Side includes other Phoenix singles “War Paint” & “What I’ve Been Waiting For (feat. Ellie Goulding)”. 


• “Masquerade / Scarlet Letter (feat. Lindsay Lohan)” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring Translucent black vinyl disc with red marble texture. Includes live performances from “Saturday Night Live”. B side includes other Masquerade singles like “Madhatter”, “Cinderella”, and “Cosmic. 


• “Who You Love” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring distorted television RGB broadcast color swirls on black vinyl disc. Includes live performance from “The Voice Australia”. 


•. “Bite” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring dark brown translucent vinyl disc with swirling distorted gold lyrics. Includes live performance from “The X Factor USA”. 


•. “Better Days” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring translucent white/purple vinyl disc with with light cloud textures. Includes iconic live performance from “The GRAMMY Awards”. 


•. “Do You Still Think of Me?” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring translucent gradient purple vinyl disc with graphic, and 3 12x12 lithographic photos. Includes live performance from “The X Factor UK” as well as “In the Night” B-side.


•. “Do You Still Think of Me?” [Cassette] - Featuring shimmering purple gradient cassette, fold-out poster, and 3 collectible stickers. 


•. SPECIAL BUNDLE: “Do You Still Think of Me?” [12” Vinyl] + [7” Single] + [Cassette] - Special bundle offer including all three formats together in a special foil-stamped box. 1,000 bundles of the physical formats will be hand-signed by Kelly. Includes 3 12x12 lithographic photos, fold-out poster, 3 collectible stickers, as well as special 6” square cards featuring lyrics from Kelly’s upcoming tenth studio album.


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