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Kelly Clarkson has just made her long-awaited comeback to the spotlight. This past January, she released her best-selling single yet, “Better Days,” only to step away from the public eye soon after its release. Over the next seven months, silence would follow and Kelly would retreat to be away with her family for personal reasons yet to be revealed to the general public. Now, she makes her arrival back on the scene with a bold new release – “Do You Still Think of Me?”. The track, which released this past Friday, harkens back to what Kelly originally set out to do in summer 2018 with the release of the 80s-tinged, “In the Night”. The LP it was originally intended for was shelved, however, due to Kelly not feeling satisfied with where the project was headed. Things are different now, and with Kelly finding new inspiration and direction for the album, things seem to be back on track. Now, Kelly sets out on a worldwide promotional campaign that involves TV appearances, performances, radio interviews, TV ads, and more. 

In celebration of Black Friday, Kelly Clarkson has teamed up with Target to offer limited edition Black Friday Target Exclusive versions of her previous albums, singles, and most current offering, “Do You Still Think of Me?”. The deal, which cost a rumoured amount near the ten million mark, includes worldwide in-store ads and displays that showcase the offerings. Ads have been placed across Target’s entire site to promote the collection of physical copies from Kelly’s catalog.




Included in the collection is a wide variety of collector’s items. 12” Vinyls, 7” Vinyls, Cassettes, and CD singles have been issued. A complete list has been added below along with some pictured below as a showcase of the biggest offerings. All of the physical media are being sold at discounted rates and come with extra merch bundled together with them like posters, stickers, lithographic photos, and even signed copies (limited to 1,000 copies signed - distributed across stores throughout the world). The vinyls and cassettes have received never-before-released designs that match their respective album covers. Kelly’s album Phoenix has also received a new album cover.

The deal comes as another major push from Kelly’s team to get her new single, “Do You Still THink of Me?” out into the world. Released just two weeks ago, the song has already become a top 40 hit, adding to the list among her other singles to chart in the commonly known popular ranks. In the coming days and weeks, Kelly will be visiting different radio stations and TV shows alike to continue further promotion. She also recently performed at the VMAs red carpet show where she gave a show-stopping performance that has been praised for excellent vocals and use of a more limited stage. 




Full list of released physicals.

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• Phoenix (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Vinyl LP] - Featuring new album cover, fire-red translucent vinyl discs, and 3 lithographic 12x12 photos.


• Phoenix (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Cassette] - Featuring new album cover, gold-colored cassette tapes, and fold-out poster.


• Masquerade (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Vinyl LP] - Featuring translucent marble-textured vinyl discs and 3 lithographic 12x12 photos.


• Masquerade (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Cassette] - Featuring graphic cassette tapes, fold-out poster, and 3 collectible stickers. 

• The Masquerade World Tour Live (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Vinyl LP] - Featuring translucent black vinyl disc with red splatter and 3 lithographic 12x12 photos.


• The Masquerade Word Tour Live (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Cassette] - Featuring graphic cassette tapes, fold-out poster, and 3 collectible stickers.


• ANALOG (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Vinyl LP] - Featuring new holographic album cover with multi-colored translucent vinyl discs and 3 lithographic 12x12 photos. Includes deluxe edition tracks that were never released on Vinyl before!


• ANALOG (Black Friday Target Exclusive) [Cassette] - Featuring broadcast signal graphic cassette tapes, fold-out poster, and 3 collectible stickers.




• “Bad Habits (Black Friday Target Exclusive)” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring dark blue-colored vinyl disc. Includes live performance from “The Voice”. 

B Side includes other Phoenix singles “War Paint” & “What I’ve Been Waiting For (feat. Ellie Goulding)”. 


• “Masquerade / Scarlet Letter (feat. Lindsay Lohan)” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring Translucent black vinyl disc with red marble texture. Includes live performances from “Saturday Night Live”. B side includes other Masquerade singles like “Madhatter”, “Cinderella”, and “Cosmic. 


• “Who You Love” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring distorted television RGB broadcast color swirls on black vinyl disc. Includes live performance from “The Voice Australia”. 


•. “Bite” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring dark brown translucent vinyl disc with swirling distorted gold lyrics. Includes live performance from “The X Factor USA”. 


•. “Better Days” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring translucent white/purple vinyl disc with with light cloud textures. Includes iconic live performance from “The GRAMMY Awards”. 


•. “Do You Still Think of Me?” [12” Vinyl] & [7” Single] - Featuring translucent gradient purple vinyl disc with graphic, and 3 12x12 lithographic photos. Includes live performance from “The X Factor UK” as well as “In the Night” B-side.


•. “Do You Still Think of Me?” [Cassette] - Featuring shimmering purple gradient cassette, fold-out poster, and 3 collectible stickers. 


•. SPECIAL BUNDLE: “Do You Still Think of Me?” [12” Vinyl] + [7” Single] + [Cassette] - Special bundle offer including all three formats together in a special foil-stamped box. 1,000 bundles of the physical formats will be hand-signed by Kelly. Includes 3 12x12 lithographic photos, fold-out poster, 3 collectible stickers, as well as special 6” square cards featuring lyrics from Kelly’s upcoming tenth studio album.


SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! And, where tf is Phoenix and Masquerade?

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4 hours ago, Ruthless Love said:

SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! And, where tf is Phoenix and Masquerade?

Masquerade is here. Phoenix is trash and luckily has been lost to the wasteland that once was TPZ. :) 

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hector 31,485




The Humanize success on Encore & more
KYLIE: The song is doing amazing there, I’m shocked at that. I didn’t expect it to be doing that good on Encore especially because I thought that the song was a bit too weird for people to appreciate it [laughs] because I’ve read comments of most saying that this new music I put out is weird and that they didn’t understand it so.. Seeing it with almost 20 million streams is amazing! So I wanna thank my fans for keeping this song alive and streaming it non-stop on Encore like they’ve been doing it. Let’s keep it on Todays Top Hits! That’s very important. And to everyone who has listened to it too! I feel that, when you’re an artist and want to be heard, Encore is the perfect place. You can listen to a lot of songs for free and still support your favourite artist without having to illegally download stuff.

On Humanize EP
KYLIE: To me, it was so liberating to write and do something like this, very much out of my comfort zone and try new things. The only thing I’m afraid of is that I don’t want fans to think that’s the only kind of music I’m going to do because I’d love to try more and more stuff instead of sticking to just one genre. I loved working with Flume and these incredible Electronic producers but I think that the next step for me is Pop? I have not decided yet. This EP though, showed me the way into finding myself as an artist which was something I thought I was no longer able to find or even think it would be possible! I wanna thank though, to Republic Records and Warner Music for letting me be myself instead of pushing me into a more commercial direction with this. It meant the world! And also, to my fans thank you for streaming! 

Working with Bjork 
KYLIE: I’m still shaking [laughs] she worked on one song with me for this EP which was so weird. I didn’t even knew she knew about me. Always been such a huge, huge fan of her music. As a matter of fact, I was inspired by hers for the making of Humanize. She was my main inspiration, so having her sitting down next to me in the studio and helping me write was such an... I don’t even know how to put it into words [laughs] but. It was an out of this world experience for me. I’d love to work with her in the future again, but let’s see what I do next.


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hector 31,485




On the Lorde penned track
KYLIE: Oh my, I’ve seen comments about this on Connect so let me get this straight [laughs]. Lorde, she knew I was working on this EP and she contacted me, talked to me about having these songs that she could give me and I was like so surprised and confused? I didn’t knew she even.. Knew who I was [laughs] but she did and it was a really cool moment for me. But thing is, she did give me some songs and they were on the tracklist, but I didn’t put them in the EP because I changed the direction of it very drastically, the EP wasn’t the way it is right now when she offered me her songs so we had to chop them off. They were beautiful, very Lorde-ish. I love her song-writting, she’s superb. Have you heard her new Christmas single? It’s amazing!

Working with Troye Sivan on “Do You Love Me”
KYLIE: Troye’s such a sweetheart! We were actually doing a collaboration on the EP, I reached out to him and was like “I think Troye would fit on this so good” and he came to the studio, recorded a song and then we hung out and stuff. But you know, as I said before, the EP changed drastically and I couldn’t add his song on the final tracklist but he did give me Do You Love Me, which I loved to death and I recorded it after I rewrote the song to fit the EP the way I wanted it too. I’m so grateful for his help, and guidance through this EP and I really can’t wait to see what he has been cooking up in the studio. Have you seen his album cover for Cupido? So beautiful. I wish him nothing but the best.

On the VMAs + Maluma winning VOTY
KYLIE: It was such a fin award show [laughs] oh God.. I had so much fun, all of the performances were really cool, very entertaining and revived that essence of the VMAs that I thought was lost. To be honest one of my favourites of the night was definitely Mariah, she killed it and I loved seeing her showing everyone how it’s done. I also enjoyed Maluma’s, he was so, so good. All three of them! It was such a surprise [laughs] joke, I was on that one too. I performed three times! Can you believe it? I was on God Complex, mine for Humanize and also for LIBIDO which also to me was such a highlight and I don’t see what’s wrong with it. We were all having fun! Also, Maluma winning VOTY? So deserved! I received not too long ago my own VMA for VOTY since I was a part of the video, Maluma was so sweet for giving everyone in the crew one.


After the interview ends, Kylie would be seen on the stage of the show. She was standing in the middle, with smoke pouring all over the stage as she’d begin with her hit song Humanize. She had her MiMu Gloves on and started to sing and dance a little around the stage. When she ended the chorus of Humanize, she then took the gloves and started playing with the sound, ultimately mixing it with the Froid instrumental. She’d sing the song almost to its entirety, including Madonna’s verse. When the performance ends, James would remind everyone to stream the EP now on Encore and to get the songs on iTunes.


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hector 31,485





Her plans on touring
KYLIE: I want to,never been able to go on tour. Not even as an opening act! Can you imagine that? [Laughs] well I actually can. I didn’t have the catalogue to be able to go on tour, I don’t think that anyone would be here for a one song set, and it being Nostalgia [laughs]. But I am working on it. I want to do a really small tour, not going to clubs because they tend to be too small and the intimacy gets lost but, I had this idea of going around the US in a theatre tour with my EP and then, if things go the way they are planned, go around the world for the first time on tour which got me very hyped! But I can’t promise anything right now because I’m barely starting this era and I want this to go as smoothly as it can be before going on tour.

The writing process behind Humanize EP
KYLIE: I didn’t want to write as if I was writing a Pop song, I wanted this to be different from the rest. I used a lot of analogies on the EP in every single song, analogies that would represent perfectly what I wanted to bring to my music, especially this one. I had amazing people writing with me, I don’t know, if you know, that I had writing sessions with Bjork? Like.. That’s mind-blowing! She’s one of my favourite songwriters in the world. Having people like her, Madonna, Maluma, Troye and all the producers that lend a hand in the writing and the producing is a dream come true. They helped me bring this project to a high that I didn't knew I was able to reach. 

Reflecting on the message that Humanize brings
KYLIE: Uhm, honestly? To me, this song brings a message of hope to everyone that has ever sadly gone through what I went through and it‘s like, a little ray of light if you will too. It was for me, I didn’t knew how to cope with everything that what happened and my first reaction was, write & sing. I did this in my house, I didn’t even show this song to Republic Records weeks, I think even months after it was done. They loved the song and offered me this campaign plan for an EP and at first I didn’t want to do anything but when the truth came out I thought it was the perfect timing for me to express myself through my music. I always am going to write stuff from my heart and this is one of those moments. Seeing Humanize, not only the EP but the song, being loved by many people is breathtaking.


When the commercial break ends, Kylie would be announced as the performing of today’s show. She’d be then seen in the minimal stage that the show had and this time she didn’t have her MiMu Gloves, it was only her with a microphone and no vocoder which helped her showcase her vocals. The first song she sang was the EP track “Do You Love Me?” as an intro to her follow up, her hit “Humanize” giving an exceptional performance of both of the tracks. When the performance was over, Kylie would be greeted by the hosts of the show and then remind everyone to follow her on Connect and stream her new EP on Encore.


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Kworb will be offline until tomorrow due to some technical issues!

I'll let you know when it will be available again.



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hector 31,485





On God Complex
The idea of this song to be done was actually mine, but a long time ago. I have always wanted to collaborate with Brendon, him and I are super close friends and this talk has always been on the table but we never had the opportunity to work together since we have very different genres so we needed to find something that would fit both of us! So I started to work on stuff alone and then he joined me with Frank Dukes, Louis Belle and Andrew Watts who worked on the production of the song wirh Zayn as well. He was the last addition to the song [laughs] honestly, Zayn was a good addition as well. I don’t know if the song was going to be as it is without him, he adds a cool tone to the song and I’m grateful that he decided to join us. He’s an amazing artist! Thank you to everyone who has been streaming, buying, supporting the song! 

Making the official Bond soundtrack
Yeah! Weirdly enough, when I was composing this song I thought of the movie. I thought that this needed to have that, upbeat kind of sound that every iconic Bond movie sound. Euphoric, if you’d like. So when Universal told us that they needed to have a song for the movie, I pitched them God Complex to them and they agreed on having the song as the official one for Bond and we couldn’t even believe it. We all are huge fans of ALL of the Bond movies so this was perfect for us. I don’t know yet about making the whole soundtrack, it would be amazing. But, it would take me a lot of time [laughs] making a soundtrack has been in my bucketlist for a long time so hopefully it could happen. 

Working with KYLIE on Humanize
She approached me one day, after she was signed under Republic and said “I need help with something and I know that you’ll have the perfect words to say about it” and we went to the studio, she showed me “Humanize” and I liked it, it was a really rough demo. Flume and her had produced and done the demo together but I thought that it needed something else so we both re-wrote the song together and then they recorded it again and I loved it. But most importantly she was the one that was in love with the song and that’s what matters the most, you know? And it’s nice to see everyone supporting her after all that happened. I’d recommend everyone to check out her EP on Encore. Love writing songs for other artists and collaborate with them, working with Kylie was a great experience. 

Looking back at Maniac
Oh God, that was a time [laughs] like.. It was so hectic, I was so, so busy with everything that I couldn’t even sleep some days. And I don’t blame my label, because all these promo and stuff was requested by me because I’m very ambitious when it comes to my career and I know that being where I am today would’ve require me to be out there all the time and have a lot of sacrifices and that’s what I did. Now, I don’t want to go all out, I don’t want to have #1s all the time because that’s not who I am anymore. Looking back, being out there all the time really affected my mental health and I had some hard time behind the scenes because of it but.. Without that sacrifice I wouldn’t be able to be living the dream. This is me telling my fans that don’t expect me to be out there like crazy because that’s not my deal anymore [laughs].

Performance of “Don’t Bring Me Down / God Complex”

The commercial break ends and Ellen would announce Maluma as a performer of her show with a especial one. He’d then bee seen on the stage, which was decorated with metallic fences, led lights all over the place and smoke was pouring all over the place. Maluma was seen on top of a pedestal that would move in circles slowly as he was doing the rap verse of his song Don’t Bring Me Down and when he does the chorus of the song, he’d then be seen with a guitar and he’d do the intro of the song and sing the chorus of God Complex as smoke was pouring and the lights would be like lightning. He’d do his Rap verse of the song and do the chorus once again before ending it with the euphoric guitar solo. Then he’d greet Ellen who would be amazed by the performance and remind everyone to stream and purchase now on Encore and iTunes.


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Robert. 12,694




Paris Covers the December Issue of Glamour US

Paris Jackson might very well have won the genetic lottery. Not only is the 21-year-old singer and aspiring actress blessed with striking features, but she can also proudly call herself an heiress to pop royalty. Whenever her legendary father was playing sold-out concerts in the early years of the last decade, a young Paris would be watching from backstage, taking in every move, sound and hat flip. Now, she is looking to carry on the Jackson family legacy by blasting her own trail as an artist. Her first step? A Christmas record! Paris has seized the season to release five all-original holiday songs in the form of an EP entitled ‘A Paris Carol’, effectively making her debut as a recording artist. The tracks play with all the charm and joy of the most jubilant Christmas classics - it’s easy to see why Paris’ manager, her aunt LaToya Jackson, signed off on the project. But while the songs offer plenty of festive incentive, they give little insight into what Christmas at the Jacksons’ is actually like. That’s why we, the Glamour staff, have taken this opportunity to ask Paris how she likes to spend the holidays. The result is a five-step-guide to feeling festive, Jackson style, written by our December cover star herself. Enjoy!


Stay in the house!

“Okay, this first one is pretty simple: Stay in the house! This is actually a Raven-Symoné quote from The View, but also some very essential holiday advice. Christmas is the time to get cozy, to build a pillow fortress in your bedroom, make yourself a hot drink, and watch a movie or listen to music. That’s pretty much all I do during the holidays, well, at least when I’m not doing all the other stuff I’ll talk about as we go along!”


Classics are called classics for a reason

“This one is inspired by my older brother, Prince, who can really be a bit of a grinch during the Christmas season. He refuses to listen to any holiday standards, like ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’. He never leaves any milk and cookies for Santa. He won’t even watch Home Alone, and Macaulay Culkin is literally our godfather! It’s really just mind-boggling to me how someone can be this non-festive during the holidays. Of course, we still do all those things like watching Home Alone at Christmas anyway but I still wish Prince would make more of an effort to enjoy those traditions. So here’s my advice for all of you reading this: Don’t try to avoid the Christmas classics and clichés! Christmas is only once a year, and all those iconic songs and movies are a part of it. Plus, they’re called classics for a reason. Open your heart and maybe you’ll discover some of the magic those classics have to offer!”


Nothing makes a Merry Christmas like a good playlist

“But of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the classics. You can also listen to new music - or non-Christmas music - during the holidays. The important thing is just that you have a solid playlist ready by the time Christmas dinner comes around, ‘cause nothing makes a Merry Christmas like a good playlist. And in case you’re still looking for songs to add to yours, well, I’ve got you covered. I just so happen to have released a Christmas EP myself earlier this week and no, this is NOT a shameless self-plug! This is a very dear recommendation! If you’re into playful holiday pop tunes with bright, big melodies, then you are very likely to find something on there that will fit right at home in your personal Christmas playlist, I promise you. At our house, we most likely won’t be playing my music though because that’d be a little weird… I don’t really want to hear myself singing about how I’m feeling too blue for Christmas on loop while snuggling up with my loved ones by the fireplace.”


Don’t let the designated cook do all the kitchen work by themselves

“This one’s perfectly in line with what Christmas is all about: helping out one another and doing things as a family. When it comes to preparing Christmas dinner in the Jackson household, we all work together as a team. You best believe that Auntie Janet and Uncle Jermaine help with the seasoning and set the table! It doesn’t matter if you’re not the greatest cook. What matters is that you contribute something. Don’t let the designated cook - or cooks, whatever the case may be - do all the kitchen work by themselves. Of course, you don’t wanna get in the way either, but what I’m saying is you should take Christmas as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and not remove yourself from the situation when there’s work that needs to be done. Trust me, it’s way more fun if you get involved!”


Don’t take Christmasses with the ones you love for granted

“My fifth and final piece of advice is a little on the somber side, but it’s perhaps the most important one out of all: Don’t take Christmasses with the ones you love for granted. I still remember the Christmasses I had with my dad, and while there’s a lot of joy attached to them, there’s also some sadness cause I don’t think I spent as much time with him each Christmas as I would have liked to in hindsight. So nowadays, when I spend the holidays with my family or my boyfriend and his family, I try to be appreciative of the moments I share with them as they occur and really spend enough time with each and every person that’s dear to me. And I hope you do the same this Christmas. With love and cinnamon kisses, Paris”



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hector 31,485





What’s going on with his second album
I’m working on it, I’m working on it. I know that it sounds like I’m just talking b*llshit now because I’ve been teasing this album for a long time but yeah.. I’m working on it. I’m taking my time, there’s no need for me to go all out yet. I did promise my fans to show them the album cover and tease a song on Connect and that’s happening tomorrow! So they’ll better check my Connect page to see what’s up and get them excited about the album as a whole. I did want them to hear something from it, like, a little snippet of one of the songs that potentially could be the lead single of the album. They got it twisted with God Complex, since this isn’t the lead single at all, it’s a taste of the album, yes, because it is on there but it’s not the lead. The new era starts next year, when I get things done and I’m 100% that I can calmly begin it without rushing or without finishing the album which was one of the main issues with the Maniac era and how I was stressed all the time. I don’t want my fans to think I hate that era though [laughs] it seems like it but I do not. It’s a part of who I am now.

On winning VOTY + VMAs controversy
[Crowd cheers] Yeah! [Maluma brings out Moonman and pats it] this looks awesome right? [Laughs] I’m so happy I got this. I know that it’s jus an award but damn, I worked so hard on the Criminal video so getting a recognition for it was the perfect ending for the Maniac era. This is what I needed to finally close that door and move onto the next chapter. Honestly, if you ask me, I didn’t even think I was gonna get it home. I was putting my bet on Christina Aguilera, I wanted her to get it. I think that her artistry in her music videos is often overlooked and her visuals are always amazing. But it was tough, a tough race. You know, I would like to say to MTV though, that this Ariana Grande snub was not ok! [Laughs] C’mon, have you seen the White Ferrari video? It deserved some love. I’m such an Arianator [laughs] proudly! But the VMAs were fun, I loved the performances, especially Britney’s. She always makes memorable stuff and this is something for the books [laughs] I don’t understand the fuzz. She was having fun! That’s all that matters, move on and go stream her music on Encore.  

The composition and writing of God Complex
It all started one night because I wanted to work with Brendon for the very first time, we were both looking for something that wouldn’t make us like, sound weird? So we took our time to find the sound and what we were going for with this. Then ZAYN joined us who gave the song a unique sound that I love. I firmly believe that every single one of us owned that song like if it was our own but at the same time, you feel that we worked as a team and that we had so much fun. It was picked as the Bond theme for the next movie, No Time To Die, and we were so proud of that as we love, love, love Bond movies. Also, very random fact, but Kylie helped us writing the song. She’s a terrific songwriter and I thought that having her with us was a great idea. She elevated the song. I think we did an incredible job as a team. 

On his situation with Belinda
Look, I know that things went down between the both of us but there’s literally no hard feelings. Sh*t happens man! What can I say? I was obviously hurt because, you know, she was someone I trusted the most and all but.. Now I don’t care, like, at all. I just wish her the best. We used to be good friends before starting a family and I’ll always treasure that no matter what. She’s a really nice girl, she just needed to stay away from the spotlight and do her thing, you know? Find herself once again and I’m glad that she took that trip around the world to do that. Uhm, honestly, it’s all in the past. I’m only looking forward and I really, really wish her the best if she ever returns to music or like, decides to do something else. I’ll be waiting there and cheering for her as I’ve always done. 

Performance of “God Complex” with ZAYN

Jimmy announces the song being performed as the commercial break ends. You’d see now on the stage, with dim lights, ZAYN being in the middle as smoke was pouring all over the place and rain was behind him and the ceiling was covered with LED lights and he’d sing his and Brendon’s verse, as Maluma would then on the chorus, in the middle of pyro happening, to step the energy of the song and both would sing together. Maluma would be doing his verse with ZAYN accompanying with his adlibs showcasing his vocals, going on to the chorus of the song. They’d then finish with the guitar outro and then the performance finishes. Jimmy greets them and reminds everyone that the song is out now on Encore and iTunes.


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hector 31,485




Easy steps: how to create the perfect Encore playlist
Pffff y’all know I love Encore. I didn’t work with them for literally a year because I didn’t like them! [Laughs] They hold a huge place in my heart because thanks to streaming I could be heard around the world and here I am! Talking to MTV about stuff. So crazy. Something I thought wouldn’t happen like, almost three years ago. I was given a playlist, mine’s called “De Rumba!” which literally means “to party” or something along the lines like “let’s turn blank on!” [laughs]. So you know, making the perfect playlist is easy. You always have to have a theme, because, then it’s just a regular playlist right? [Laughs] Mine is literally party or upbeat music, so I go through the songs that fit that the most. Songs that would put me in that specific mood! I would recommend the songs that I have on my playlist [laughs] from the top of my head, I remember adding my new single “God Complex” [winks & laughs], Ariana’s new single, Lindsay’s too. So many cool songs. So go to Encore and check it out, give it a follow too since I lost my followers [laughs].

Songs that he’s obsessed with right now
Well.. I mean, I just talked about my Encore playlist [laughs] so lemme take my phone out and let’s go through it because those are literally the song’s I cannot get enough with.. so #1, obviously God Complex, narcissistic moment right now but I love the song, it’s definitely one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever done so be sure to check that out [laughs]. #2 is Britney with LIBIDO! Fun song, super sexy. If you want a feel good type of song, Britney’s your girl. I love this one, so catchy. #3 is Humanize by Kylie, I actually helped write this song [laughs] I think she’s super talented and the song is fresh, something that we haven’t heard before which I totally dig. #4 there’s Mariah Carey with Mirage! I mean.. What else can I say? She’s awesome. #5 it’s my good ol’ photoshop pal Lindsay Lohan with Running to stand still, this is such a good song and I think she sounds amazing on it. There‘s #6 with Ariana’s “Break Your Heart” is there something this girl cannot do? Love the song, it’s a great track to listen at the gym when you’re using the punching bag. And last but not least, my fellow Colombian Shakira! Great song, loved the production and this is really sexy. Those are it!

God Complex and it’s music video
It‘s in the works, I love it. Literally my best music video and my fans are going to totally freak out over it because it has a lot of cool stuff happening. It’s directed by Dave Meyers as y‘all could see on the single cover and this is the first time I work with him, which got me excited since I love his stuff. Love the Void, Preacher, White Ferrari music videos so I’m ready for this to be on the same level of good. We have had such an incredible time filming it, it‘s so crazy! But the music video will most likely be announced on Twitter very soon or on Connect too so be on the look out for that. Wish I could say something more but I want this to be a surprise for my fans [laughs].

VMAs snubs and favourite wins at this years’ show
The show was amazing, let‘s start with that [laughs] I loved the whole thing, plus, I got three awards that night including Video of The Year which I still can’t get over. This time around I had so much fun and I can’t wait for the next one [laughs] to see what craziness will happen. Winners? I thought they all deserved it, the VMAs had a tough competition this year. I was bummed that Zendaya couldn’t take one home but there’s always next year and she wasn’t bothered by it either, we both enjoyed the show a lot. If you ask me about snubs? Then Imma say White Ferrari, Soap on Skin and Blow! The three of them deserved to be recognised but as I said it was tough. I still think White Ferrari deserved a nomination though.


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