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The leading to GOD COMPLEX
I remember that I had this song in my, uhm, voice notes on the phone. I recorded it one time and just did a little bit of the melody and that’s how everything started. I got an e-mail from Universal that they were looking for the next artist to make the song for the Bond soundtrack and I was like “Maybe this could work” so I always had that in mind when I was creating God Complex, that this would end up as a song for No Time To Die. So we started with that once I teamed up with Brendon and ZAYN in the studio. We didn’t even knew that the song was going to be picked or not but we kept it in mind because we still wanted something euphoric and that our fans would love. That’s how this song was brought to life and I couldn’t have seen this happening any other way. I love, love, love this song and working with two great friends makes it even better. Make it three since KYLIE also took a part of this song [laughs]. Stream it on Encore!

His relationship status with Belinda after their divorce
We didn’t finish our relationship in the best terms but we decided to move on from that because we have a child together, Ronaldo, so we needed to put our differences in the past and try to build up a new relationship and I think that’s super great. I’ve said multiple times on interviews that I have nothing against her, like, nothing at all, even after what happened. I have been with her for two years basically and I know her, her struggles, everything that led up to that moment. I was hurt though, because she wasn’t on her best behaviour but it is what it is and I’m so, so glad that she’s in a better place right now and working on only getting better from here. I’ll be waiting for her to make a come back and support her.

Working with KYLIE on Humanize EP
It was so different for me [laughs] KYLIE’s EP can get weird if you’re not into that music [laughs] especially the lyrics because it was so damn hard to match that up but I came through because she’s my friend and she needed help with the writing of the title track actually. So we sat down and worked together and that’s how y’all got the song that you listen now on radio and stream on Encore. This time around, I decided to work on stuff that isn’t regularly what I’d do, see Humanize and now God Complex, because I wanted to leave this box that many people put me in that I can do only one genre and that’s not true. I waned to show everyone that I am capable of more than what Maniac is.

Performance of “God Complex”

When the interview is done, Maluma would now be announced as the performer of today’s show and then the stage would be seen. Maluma was standing in front of big LED screens that had the single cover on with some visuals going on, the stage had blue lights and smoke on the floor and he’d perform the song alone singing all the verses including Zayn’s and Brendon’s. When the performance comes to an end, the hosts from the show would greet him on stage and congratulate him for the performance and then remind everyone that is seeng the show that they can get God Complex on iTunes and stream it on both Caltube and Encore before the show comes to an end.


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Charts will come tomorrow! In the meantime, please review Humanize (EP) and A Paris Carol! I already got two reviews for A Paris Carol (So I need one more) and one for Humanize (EP) (So I need two more)





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