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Reflectors and Lanatics rejoice! Lorde joined Lana Del Rey on stage during a private gig for Shopify workers in Ottawa tonight for an impromptu performance of Del Rey's hit song "Running From Love".

According to the leaked footage, Lorde was behind the stage when Lana told the crowd: "Okay, so this is the last song. But - I've got a surprise. You might know that you've got another performer here tonight, and she happens to be my best friend. So we thought that we'd do a little something for you together. Please welcome, to sing with me, my best friend Ella - otherwise known as Lorde!".

Lana and Lorde performed the song as a duet on stage together with Lana opening the first part of the first verse and Lorde doing the second part. The both sang the chorus together in harmony whilst holding hands and dancing throughout the performance.

Lana and Lorde's close relationship has been revealed during Lorde's interview on Oprah's "One On One" show in August 2019 when the star mentioned that Del Rey is one of her closest friend. Lorde also revealed that Lana likes to hang out at her house, saying: "Probably about a week ago? I played her some music and we just hung out and had some wine haha. She's like one of my girlfriends from Auckland, we don't really let all the industry stuff interfere with our friendship. She was on tour for the longest and then I was on tour, so we had a lot to catch up on!" 

Lorde also mentioned that the two have yet to work on music together but anything is possible in the future. "It's weird that we've never actually like, worked together on a song before. But it just hasn't really happened yet. Obviously it'd be an honor to, but it just hasn't been on the cards for us yet!" 

Right before the new year, Lorde honored Lana  at the WIM for Billboard magazine event with an unforgettable performance for "Forget Me".




We're definitely here for more of Lana and Lorde. Give us that "Treasure" sequel! What do you think?

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Ronlop 7,428
5 hours ago, Hejira said:


Recently, IN RETROGRADE has donated over $1.1 million to the Equality Now and Futures Without Violence (FSW) organizations in support of Lindsay Lohan’s poignant depictions of overcoming adversity for instance



You can only publicly announce that you're donating money when you have the money. Because donations in CAL take off the money from your artist's net worth.

Just so you know for next times!

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Hejira 123
5 minutes ago, Ronlop said:


You can only publicly announce that you're donating money when you have the money. Because donations in CAL take off the money from your artist's net worth.

Just so you know for next times!

No this is just a reference to the time hec and Joanne donated money on my behalf 

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Kelly Appears on Ellen | US | Paid


Kelly Clarkson has just made her long-awaited comeback to the spotlight. She recently released her second best-selling single yet, “Better Days,” only to step away from the public eye soon after its release. Over the next seven months, silence would follow, and Kelly would retreat to be away with her family for personal reasons yet to be revealed to the general public. Now, she makes her arrival back on the scene with a bold new release – “Do You Still Think of Me?”. The track, which released this past Friday, harkens back to what Kelly originally set out to do in summer 2018 with the release of the 80s-tinged, “In the Night”. The LP it was originally intended for was shelved, however, due to Kelly not feeling satisfied with where the project was headed. Things are different now, and with Kelly finding new inspiration and direction for the album, things seem to be back on track. Now, Kelly sets out on a worldwide promotional campaign that involves TV appearances, performances, radio interviews, TV ads, and more.


As a result of continued promotion and push from her label, Accent Records, “Do You Still Think of Me?” achieved a new peak on the Hot 100 by hitting #13 after out-peaking its debut position on its release five weeks ago. This week, the single moved into the top 10, setting another new peak for the single at the #6 spot. Kelly continues the ongoing promotional tour where she gives an interview and performance of “Do You Still Think of Me?” on Ellen.


Today on the show we have a very special guest with us. She is one of the best voices in the music industry and has made her long-awaited comeback with the top 10 hit, “Do You Still Think of Me?”. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to our show the wonderful Kelly Clarkson! Thank you so much for being here, Kelly! It is so good to see you!

Thank you so much, Ellen! It is so good to see you too! It has been a while since we last spoke. How have you been?


I’ve been great! How about you? You’ve been all over the place lately!

[Laughs] Oh my gosh, I know! I’m doing great, though. I am just so happy to be here and getting to release music again.


What has it been like to have such a great response to the new music, especially after being gone on a hiatus?

It has been so wonderful! I am really grateful, honestly, because many times in my situation – when you take such time off – the industry sort of moves on. But I have the greatest fans, and they are always so patient and supportive of me no matter what I feel like I need to do. It’s really all because of them that this song has gone on to do well, and I am so thankful for them.


How was your approach to writing this new song and this new album different from your previous albums?

I really just stopped taking myself so seriously, you know? I used to be so hard on myself, and it really stifled my creativity. I tried not to rush the creative process. When I felt like writing, I would! Nothing was forced. Not that things on my past albums have been forced, per se, but I just took a more relaxed approach to creating this record. I found myself falling back in love with music and finding new inspiration.


It is quite an interesting thing. I know we were talking backstage before the show and you mentioned a sort of writer’s block you had went through. Would you mind just talking through that here so people at home can kind of know, like, what exactly you went through to get to this point?

Yeah, for sure! I mean, that writers block was self-inflicted, somewhat, as I just explained with putting so much pressure on myself, you know? I felt like this immense pressure to create the best possible music, and yeah, that is very important because who wants to put out crap music? [Laughs] But at the same time, it sort of clogged my creativity up because I was going about it in the wrong way. So that’s why after I released “Better Days” last year, I just went right back into this period of silence because I realized I jumped into things too soon, and that pressure was still there. I needed to retrain myself to just let things come to me naturally, in a creative sense, and not be so critical of myself.


I think that is such an important message! In a world that is constantly going and going, it is important to remember to take time to stay still.

Exactly. Getting that time off really allowed me to fall back in love with making music. It got to a point where it felt more like a job, and that’s when I was like, “Woah. Something is not right”, because I have never felt that way about music. It was also a very freeing thing. I allowed myself to go into the studio with Greg [Kurstin], who produced a lot of this new album, and if what we recorded was crap, then that was okay! There’s a lot of songs I wrote for this record that ended up not making, and I learned to be okay with writing crap songs because that’s how you get to the good ones! I also just learned to be more patient. I am not really a patient person. I love work and love to be on the go. I’m always thinking about the next thing. That all can be a good thing and a bad thing, of course.


So you forced yourself into slowing down?

Pretty much. There were many moments I was like, “Okay, let’s come back!”, but I knew that, beyond that, I still needed time to make this record without feeling pressured by deadlines and what not. Now, I’m confident in the direction and where the album goes, so it didn’t feel premature to announce the album and release “Do You Still Think of Me?”.


Tell me about the writing process for this album. What do the songs talk about? Is there a main message throughout the album?

There is definitely a main message throughout the album, and I don’t want to quite spoil it because of some things we’re gonna be doing to reveal all that.. but I will say that, in a nutshell, the album’s main theme is hope and resilience. It is my happiest record yet, and if you look at my last three albums, that may not be saying much because they were all pretty emotionally heavy [Laughs]. But this is truly a happy album. I know the title of it, Broken Heart Jukebox, sounds just the opposite, but it is kind of ironically titled, I guess. It’ll make more sense with time, I promise [Laughs]. The writing process for the album was pretty sporadic. Pretty much I just wrote songs whenever I felt inspired to do so. The last two albums I scheduled writing sessions and what not, which is totally fine to do, but that was something I wanted to do differently. So I went with a more natural approach. It takes longer, but I think it is one of the reasons why this album is my best yet.


Where did “Do You Still Think of Me?” come along in this process? How did you get inspired to write about it?

“Do You Still Think of Me?” was written around the middle of the writing process for this album. I got inspired to write it really randomly one day. I was feeling quite nostalgic, which you’ll find is pretty common throughout this album lyrically and musically. I was driving down the highway and the idea for it just came into my head after thinking about some people that I used to be so close to but am not close to anymore for different reasons. The song is written to kind of be talking about a romantic relationship, but when I wrote it, I was thinking about past friendships. It can be interpreted in both ways, really. But any who. I was just missing the good times with those people and wondering where they are in life, what are they doing, what they have been up to.. you know – stuff I think we all will think of from time to time about people who aren’t really in our lives anymore. It just got me thinking how much I miss the good parts of those friendships, while even though they may have been ultimately bad or unhealthy, they still had great moments and memories.


That’s a really relatable message.

I think so! I mean, it is kind of depressing in a way, but it is also important to remember that you have to do what is best for you. It’s a weird thing to navigate because friendships, relationships – whatever you want to call them – while they can have many good aspects they can also ultimately be bad influences in your life. “Do You Still Think of Me?” is more just reflecting on that. It is nostalgic, and that was intention from the lyrics all the way to the production of the music itself.


Speaking of the production, talk a little about the sound of this album. I know you’ve said how it’s very much inspired by the 80s.

Yeah, it really sounds like a modern version of what they did in the 80s. “Do You Still Think of Me?” is obviously 80s pop / synthpop, and the rest of the album is the same. It also explores 80s New Wave and R&B and a little bit of 80s House. It kind just encapsulates all of the overall “pop” sounds from that time. I really wanted to make a record that sounds nostalgic from that time while also still sounding fresh and contemporary, and I think we’ve achieved that. A lot of thought and intention went into the making of the record, especially with the production. I really wanted the songs to sort of transport you to this other place, because I feel like the music of the 80s is so magical in doing that.


This album is sort of a return to your pop roots too. Your last album, we got to hear you experimenting with sort of an alternative rock sound. What made you decide to go back to a more pure pop sound?

ANALOG represented a dark time in my life, and I felt like the alternative genre really fit the message I was trying to get across at the time, and I kind of have roots there as well with Breakaway and my other first few albums being so heavy with pop rock. But, I totally get what you’re saying! This album is kind of like my return to pop in a way for sure. I don’t know if I have a really good answer other than the fact that this sort of 80s pop sound was just what I was inspired to make. When I sat down to make my next album, I just knew that was the sound I wanted and the concept I wanted it to revolve around.


Do you often start writing your albums around a central theme or idea from the beginning? Or do you just write songs and see what happens from there?

It always starts with a concept or theme! I will then start writing the album and building it around that theme or concept. It’s how all my albums have started out. Maybe one day it will change, but that’s how it has worked out so far!


You’ve titled the new album Broken Heart Jukebox. That sounds like quite the title. Where did that title come from?

It was the first thing I got for this album. First it was Brokenhearted Jukebox, but then it changed to just Broken Heart Jukebox. It sounded nicer that way, I think. Like I said earlier, I don’t want to reveal too many details just yet, but essentially the album is kind of songs for the hopeful – when you’re in a crap situation but see the silver lining in the clouds. I went through a lot of stuff this past year personally, and this album addresses some of that, but it all has a positive silver lining throughout it, like I said. It’s still honest and vulnerable - as I always am on my records – but the ultimate message here is hope. It kind of evolved from the concept of the album that was supposed to come from “Better Days”.


You just released the music video last week for “Do You Still Think of Me” as well, and I have to say, it is so stunning, Kelly! It’s incredible. [Audience Cheers]

Thank you so much, Ellen. That really means so much. It’s my most favorite video I have ever done. Getting to co-direct for the first time was an amazing experience. I am usually really involved in the making of my music videos. I just am really particular about them because I have such clear direction and ideas for them that I really want them to come out just right. I guess I am sort of a perfectionist on that kind of stuff. So I thought, well, why not try my hand at directing? I did not want to take it on all alone, though, as directing is a big job. Dave Meyers and I have worked together on my last two music videos for “In the Night” and “Bite”, and they both are my other two favorite videos I have gotten to do in my career, so I knew he was the best person to do this with. And I am so grateful he agreed to do it with me.


Yeah, because not everyone in his sort of position likes to take on first time people like that in that role. And you guys did amazing together! It really worked out well.

Aw, thank you so much, Ellen. Yeah, it’s totally not a normal thing, but he and I really get each other. We are good friends, and we just work good together. So I knew if I was going to do this, I wanted it to be done with him. I really trust him, and I learned so much from getting to work alongside him in the role of a co-director that I think will really help me in future videos and the like.


What made it so important to co-direct on this music video specifically? Why now?

I think because I just felt ready for it. As I said before, I have always been very much involved with the making of my music videos. So with this video, I just finally felt comfortable enough to step up into the role as a director. I’ve always been involved with every part of the making of the video, so this role, in a way, was more of a formal title at this point.


The story throughout the video is quite heartbreaking and tragic.

Yeah, it is. My main goal for the video was to sort of do a different take on the meaning of the song. I mean, it obviously still means the same, but it’s just sort of an unexpected story you wouldn’t pair with “Do You Still Think of Me?”. With the song, the first obvious interpretation is of a breakup, and so since that would be sort of predictable to watch, I wanted to do something more intriguing and less predictable. The video actually has a lot of things in it that represent and introduce the sort of world this album takes place in. There are also Easter eggs and other things throughout the video that hint at what all is coming next. We tried to make the video match the song in terms of aesthetic. There is a lot of mood lighting and neon light and imagery. It was also filmed in a way to resemble a sort of short film, very cinematic-like. I wanted it to feel like a proper short film.


Speaking of those Easter eggs, I noticed in the beginning there is a song in there we have never heard before.

Oh yeah?


Yeah. [Smirks]

Huh. Interesting! [Laughs]


Yes it is very interesting.

You’re wanting me to talk about it? [Laughs]


Well, we are on a talk show! [Audience Laughs]

You know what, Ellen? I just love this outfit!


[Laughs] Alright, fine. Anyway. Something I did want to talk about was the response to all the sort of controversy that came out when you were teasing the video, which was all so insane and unreasonable to me.

Oh, I know. It was crazy. I remember waking up and my husband showing me that. I was so confused? I mean, I would never ever try to copy Lana or anything like that. I had never even seen that video – and I absolutely adore Lana! So I was really happy and grateful she came to my defense. Her and others at that! It feels so good to have people in this industry that have your back. It is really not a common thing.


Let’s talk about the music industry for a moment. You know, you’ve been in this industry ever since you won American Idol back in 2003. I know you’ve seen a lot and experienced a lot within that time. How do you think it has changed compared to today?

Well, the internet, for one. That really changed everything, you know? I was coming into the industry just as the internet was becoming popular. I’d say that is the biggest thing, really. It brought about the popularity of digital downloads, and now we have moved onto streaming, which I believe really is a good thing especially with Encore. But, any who. The internet is like anything else; it has brought about good and bad. We have easier access to the fans, but at the same time, there is easier access to publish fake news and try to pit females against one another. Like what the media tried to do with Lana and myself.


Yeah, you know, that seems to be one thing that hasn’t changed.

I totally agree. I mean, I get it. The media has to make money and get clicks, and drama and gossip definitely gets the job done, but I mean, could we at least report on actual facts and legitimate claims? Like, I just don’t get it. The pitting of women against one another and need to spread narratives like that. It’s so counter-productive to what we’ve been trying to do as women.


You’ve been criticized in the media different times throughout your career for being too outspoken, or for your image, or whatever else. How do you not let it affect you?

I grew up in a very small town. Everyone knew everyone and everyone had an opinion about you – good and bad. You learn really quick to not care about what others think. As long as I’m okay, my man is okay, and my kids are okay, and God is okay with me.. I’m okay! It’s a hard place to get to, but I think with age and time you learn to tune out the crap. Especially when it’s such shallow stuff – like with my weight. Whenever I come across an article or whatever poking fun or making an issue of my weight, it really doesn’t affect me. Like, at this point, I’m just like really? Is that all you got? [Laughs] It’s just funny because it’s like wow how original! Never heard that before!


But you’re so comfortable in your skin, and that’s amazing!

Yeah, I mean, it just is sad when I see that stuff then I have fans come up to me at meet and greets and say, “Oh my gosh.. if they think you’re overweight then I must be huge!”. And it is so heartbreaking. Like that’s not what it’s about at all. We are all different. Our bodies do different things. We are at different places in life. People who feel the need to mock others weight and what not have much deeper issues going on and are making up for it by saying things like that.


I must say though, Kelly, that one thing I respect about you is how you pretty much stay out of controversy unless it’s like things we just mentioned were someone initiates something theirselves or starts something.

Yes, and really, that is just me. I am a low-maintenance person, and I really don’t feel the need to be in the spotlight. I love music and I love getting to perform, but the fame and everything that comes with it I couldn’t care less about. And I just try to let my music stand on its own, you know? I’ve had people that have worked with me before tell me stuff like “We need you to do this, or wear this, or say this, so we can sell more records!” and I just laugh at them. Like, that’s not me at all. I’m not ever going to do something that’s as shallow and ingenuine as that.


So, tell me about your plans. You’ve got basically the whole year ahead of you. What all can we expect from you in the coming months?

Literally so much! It is kind of crazy all that we are planning right now. I love it, though. I mean, I had a good two years off, basically, since we finished doing the promotion for my last album. Other than releasing “In the Night” and “Better Days”, I had just been taking things at my own pace and working here and there. So yeah, it is nice to get back into the groove of things and have stuff going on. Before I went on Idol, I always had multiple jobs. I just like keeping busy and not staying too unoccupied for a very long time. Even when I wasn’t releasing music, we were still crazy busy with my kids and everything that goes on with our family. But, specifically for this year, we’re obviously releasing my next album, Broken Heart Jukebox! Very excited about that. I’m also wanting to do a world tour.


Oh really?

Yeah! It’s a big goal of mine. We haven’t toured since the Masquerade Tour, which was a huge success. Nearly every date sold out! But I did not get to tour my last album, ANALOG, sadly. It was a weird time in my career, and there was just a lot going on behind the scenes, so a tour didn’t come to fruition then. However, this time, I’m planning on going everywhere possible my label will let me! I just love touring and performing. It is my favorite part of my job. For having a job in the music industry, you’d be surprised how little of it is spent actually performing [Laughs]. There’s a lot more work that goes on that just getting up on stage and singing! It’s all worth it, though.


You seem so happy, Kelly! We’ve known each other for so long, but I don’t think I have ever seen you this happy.

Thank you! I really am. I’m just at a really good place in my life. These past two years have just been me trying to learn to let go and exhale. It’s freeing. And I have a lot to be happy and thankful for! I have four wonderful children. I never even thought I would be a mom! So that’s crazy. I have a sexy and amazing husband, Brandon. He’s manager, and he is my favorite person in the world. And I have amazing fans that are super supportive and always there for me. I am a pretty blessed girl.


Kelly then gave a performance of “Do You Still Think of Me?”. The Performance began with Kelly standing at the top of a flight of stairs. As she walked down them singing the verses, dancers followed her doing elaborate hand movements around her. The back of the stage lit up to reveal risers of more dancers filling up the background. Behind them were LED screens that lit up to reveal them as silhouettes dancing in the light of the screens. Once she reached the stage floor, the dancers dispersed around Kelly. The stage floor lit up with bright white lights that pulsed to the beat of the song. Eventually the stage lights came down to darken the room as just the light from the dance floor shown along with the LED screens in the back with the dancers. Kelly and the dancers on the floor continued dancing on the dance floor as the light beautifully accented them as it radiated off the ground. The performance ended with Kelly walking back up the stairs and confetti falling all around.


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“The video is at long last complete! I’m aiming to have it out as soon as possible. I can’t give you an exact date for that at the moment because if something happens, I don’t want anyone referring back to my words as a promise.” Laughs. “But it’s done and it will be coming to you all so soon as I’m able. To be perfectly honest, I believe that people may be a bit surprised by it. It’s not what you’d readily expect from hearing the song or from what I’ve done in my career video wise thus far. But a running theme of this whole project is change and experimentation. I want to try new things out and see what feels good, see what fits me. With this video, I decided to do something cinematic. The goal was to make something of substance but also something of style. There’s a motif that runs through the video from a visual standpoint that I’m particularly proud of. As it stands I think that it’s the best video in my career. And I don’t say that lightly because I love all of my videos, even if I don’t exactly like the song that they supplement. Thankfully that’s far from the case with this song because I do love it!”



“Anyone who’s been following me from the beginning of my career knows that I love to tell stories with the simplest of things and that includes my visuals. I decided that because this music is new to me, this style is new to me, that green was going to be a prominent color in everything. Green is the color of something new, something fresh. And with this new approach, I feel that I’ve gone even more personal with the music itself and my songwriting. So I chose to appear minimally clothed in the visuals because it’s more stripped down, I’m more naked and vulnerable musically than I have ever been. Some people may call it silly, and I guess now that I’ve said it out loud, it does sound a bit silly. But then again, I don’t really consider any form expression or creativity as laughable or funny. All of it combined together creates what I think is my most interesting look. And it’s by far my most cohesive. I will say a big issue with both of my previous works was a lack of consistency in their apearance. I aim to rectify that this time and moving forward.”



“I know it’s unconventional for ex-partners to remain friends, but I think that it’s something that could and should be normalized. Unless the breakup happens for something unforgivable such as abuse or anything like that, there’s no reason that maturity can’t play a factor. The simple truth is that Hilary and I spent a couple of weeks apart so we could both sort our emotions out, then we met back up and we talked. Just talked. Talked about how we both felt, what hurt, said what we needed to say. And it came to pass that it just wasn’t going to work between us romantically anymore. But we’d become a part of each other’s lives and we didn’t want that to change, so it hasn’t changed. And I can safely say that means a lot to the both of us.”


Shawn’s new single “Watch Me Bleed” is available now worldwide.


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“I’m always cherry picking some cool things from the artists that have inspired me. In way or another, I’ve found inspiration in all kinds of different music for every song that I’ve written. For Watch Me Bleed it was a tad bit different than normal because I was sort of at a crossroads when it came to the music I was listening to. I’ve been sliding into hip hop a lot and the beat that’s on Watch Me Bleed wouldn’t be out of place on a hip hop/pop cross over track. What’s different about it is the guitar and orchestral sides of it. From a guitar standpoint, I drew some influence from Brendon Urie. He has these really simple but memorable guitar licks in some of his tracks and they’re structured a lot like this. Orchestrally speaking…well I was really inspired by the music from Florence’s album The Garden which dabbled with the orchestral sound. I touched on it somewhat on Human but I never really comitted to it through the length of the project, it only popped up every once in a while.”



“Despite what many people would believe, there’s not a whole lot I’d change. Most of what I’d do differently comes from The Resistance. I’m…warming to it. A lot of what my problems with the album are personal and it’s more about the kind of person that it presented me to the world as and it’s just not me truthfully. I think the big thing that’d I change is my choice of lead single. Starting things off with ‘It All Comes Back to This’ established a concept that didn’t really exist and that was the political album. It wasn’t that and it didn’t become that, but it was dressed like that because I went into panic mode and that shifted the album. I think had I started somewhere else, I would’ve been more comfortable doing what I originally intended. I like the videos and the visual side of that album for the most part, so what I’d change is mostly the bad decisions that I made.”



“I was introduced to Landon while I was touring for The Resistance. He was just entering his senior year at an arts school in California and he was looking to produce music. I was advised by my team to not take a chance on someone with no experience, but that’s exactly what I’d been looking for. Experienced producers just aren’t willing to go against the grain and do something different. But Landon was all about that and I loved the work that I got to do with him on Human. It was a no brainer for me to bring him back for this project, especially after he was the music director for my tour. I think we clicked more on this project than we ever have before and it produced some really stellar results overall. I’m so stoked to share more of what we did.”


Following the interview, a special introduction to “Watch Me Bleed” was done by Shawn before the song was played on the radio.


Shawn’s new single “Watch Me Bleed” is available now worldwide.


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HOST: “We’re here today with an artist who’s been absolutely blowing up recently. Last year with the release of his debut album Human, Shawn Mendes officially retired his social media star persona and rose to finally take his place as a hard hitter in the music industry. He just released his new single Watch Me Bleed to a lot of praise from his fans. Please welcome in to the studio, Shawn Mendes!


SHAWN: “Hello how are you?”


HOST: “I’m amazing how are you?”


SHAWN: “I’m really good actually! These last two weeks have treated me really well and I’m just really excited and grateful to be back with new music that I’m incredibly passionate about.”


HOST: “That’s always amazing to hear! So talk to us a little bit about the new single. Watch Me Bleed is a shift for you, it’s not really like anything we’ve ever seen before with your name on it.”


SHAWN: “It is, but I think that’s what’s got me so excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the songs I got to make on Human, but it was time that I made a change. I’d made two albums of similar sounds and there’s no growth that comes from doing the same thing over again. Watch Me Bleed is an incredible introduction to this sound because it kinda throws you in at the deep end makes you get used to it. I believe that the best way to make a change is to rip the band aid off and just go for it and that’s this song. It was a risk, but it’s a risk that’s paid off I think. The fans seem to love it and even some new people are coming onto it.”


HOST: “That’s for sure! But we gotta ask about the video. When will be getting to see it?”


SHAWN: “As soon as possible. It’s complete, but I think we’re just waiting for the perfect moment to release it.”


HOST: “What can we expect from it?”


SHAWN: “Expect something different from what you’ve seen from me. My goal with the video was to make something that was very cinematic in it’s presentation. I wanted visuals that popped and visuals that stood out, but I also wanted a concept that people could grasp. I’m doing a little bit of a risky topic to discuss but I think it’s a worthwhile topic. It goes back to what I’ve said about my platform and using it for something good. It’s certainly got a message and I look forward to sharing it.”


HOST: “Can we get a little preview of it?”


SHAWN: “No, I think I’ll leave the surprise in tact.” Laughs


Host laughs.


HOST: “Well it was worth a shot!”


SHAWN: “You never know if you don’t try!”


HOST: “Are you willing to talk about the EP?”


SHAWN: “Absolutely!”


HOST: “So it’s called The Miami Experiment. I’m assuming it was recorded in Miami.”


SHAWN: “Entirely.”


HOST: “Where does the experiment part come into play?”


SHAWN: “When some people think experimentation in music, they think of something like Kylie did with her EP. I didn’t really do that but it was an experiment because I tested out a new sound and I’m trying some things I never have before musically. It’s a risk to try and evolve your sound in any way when audiences get used to hearing something specific from you. So I do consider this a big experiment and it’ll plot the course for where my career goes from here.”


HOST: “Do you feel like you have a lot riding on this EP?”


SHAWN: “I do. I do because this is the kind of sound that I’d really like to tackle on the album so when I say this EP is plotting the course, I really mean that this is the direction I’m going to be steering down as I keep going. So if audiences don’t like this, it’s going to be an uphill battle to get my third album out there. I don’t really see it going that way but we’ll see what happens.”


HOST: “Thank you so much for coming into see us, man. It’s been fun!”


SHAWN: “Yes it has! Thank you!”


“Watch Me Bleed” plays on the radio.


Shawn’s new single “Watch Me Bleed” is available now worldwide.


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hector 31,465




When the show begins, you'd see the host of The Voice UK coming to the stage and presents today's episode and then announces KYLIE as a performer. Everyone would be in rage as he'd bring out a big cardboard of the Humanize EP and begins by introducing KYLIE with the following "She's one of the most polarising figures in the music business right now, she rose from the ashes not too long ago with the release of her acclaimed EP "HUMANIZE" which reached the #6 position worldwide and has sold over 300 thousand copies making it a success for the singer. With the release of her lead, with the same name, KYLIE would make herself a household name and make everyone around the world wonder, what's next? Here to perform a medley of two songs, please welcome the incredible, KYLIE!" and then the crowd would scream and clap as the camera goes to the middle of the stage and there was KYLIE standing in front of a big LED screen that was now showing up like lava illusions as she was now moving her hands to the introduction of Humanize, her hit single. Kylie then starts singing and the platform where she was standing was now rotating slowly as she kept dancing and showing her MiMi Gloves and playing with her vocals giving a really cool effect on them. She'd sing Humanize by standing there and playing with the MiMu Gloves effect and wowing the crowd with it. Then, you'd hear thunders and the lights would be on and off to the beat of that as you'd see KYLIE singing the chorus of the song over and over, she was moving and you'd see some dancers appearing and creeping around her, then removing her MiMu Gloves and then the whole stage was black and Madonna appears on a screen, and she'd say "welcome to my world" as then fire blasts and you'd see KYLIE with her dancers now with a different outfit and standing while posing, then the screens turned white and they moved to the side standing still. 

A flower (like the one on the Humanize single cover) would appear on the white screens blossoming and Froid now begins. Kylie was now surrounded by her dancers as she'd sing through the hard hitting beat, then she'd grab the hand of one of her dancers and help her get off the platform to then go near the edge of the stage and perform the chorus of the song there while doing a choreography too with her dancers all in sync, showing a lot of precision. Then she'd go back to the middle of the stage and the whole floor was now covered in fog as she'd sit in the stairs and her dancers follow as Madonna's verse was being played, she'd dance there. The chorus hits again and KYLIE ends the performance with a fire choreography again and then posing with her dancers as the words "HUMANIZE" would be seen on the screens and everyone was now clapping and cheering for KYLIE while the host of the show was now coming to the stage and congratulated KYLIE for the performance and reminded everyone to keep streaming and buying Humanize and also watch the music video on Caltube.


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hector 31,465




KYLIE: Working with Britney Spears is definitely the highlight of my career, I adore her so, so much and I love her to death [laughs] like it's so surreal I have had the chance to work with her in a song because I've always admired her and respect her a lot. When I got the call to be in Libido I said yes immediately, I didn't even hear the song or read the lyrics I literally ran to the studio and was like, "Ok, what do I have to do?" and I saw Britney working already on some stuff with Cardi so I sat down and we all worked together on it. It's such an incredible song, I love that it's such an anthem and so empowering too. We were so crushed at the beginning, when we released the song because we didn't think that anyone would believe in it after getting all that hate and now.. It's a dream. Thank you to everyone!! Stream it now on Today's Top Hits.

On the Humanize music video
KYLIE: I wanted to work on a music video that not only would serve for the song but also help me get the message of the EP across it and show the world what I'm all about. I've been brainstorming ideas for this video for such a long time, I met with various directors, producers, editors, like, a lot of people, to get this right and not make it something I would be proud of because that was my #1 goal  besides of making something that would stick to the song's story. I am so proud of the work we did, I think this video is such a kick-ass and that it's so empowering too, if you know the story behind it, that is [laughs]. I saw it reached 5 million views on Caltube and that warms my heart. It's making waves around Caltube and that's the best thing ever for me. 

The Encore success of the project
KYLIE: It's exceeding my expectations actually, I never thought that the whole thing would have over 40 million streams which is so insane to me. I say this because I know that I'm not everyone's cup of tea and that many people do not want to support me because of my past and my wrongdoings and it's all very understandable, which brings me into why I see this as such a huge accomplishment for me. I love Encore, I have only had one chance on having a huge hit there and that was Nostalgia [laughs] and if you ask me, I didn't think I would be able to see this kind of streaming success anymore especially with a project and a song like Humanize because of it not being that conventional or commercial enough to be heard by everyone, you know, so even with people calling me a flop or whatnot because of this I'll always see the bright side and this is it. Thank you to everyone, keep streaming on Encore!


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hector 31,465




The success of HUMANIZE
KYLIE: Oh Gosh, I don’t know. It’s so surreal to me to see this song doing so well around the world though don’t get me wrong, chart success is good [winks to the audience as they laugh] but also, the best thing out of this whole experience with the song is that the fans are loving it. That was my ultimate goal. I wrote this song thinking about how could I make something so horrible that happened to me, not only make it not define me, but change the perception of everyone about me, something that would turn it around and make it something good. That’s all I wanted and now, seeing how good the song is doing blows my mind and I’m so humbled by this success. Thank you to everyone who has been streaming, purchasing & watching the video on Caltube. It means a lot!

Working with Madonna on Froid
KYLIE: I wanted someone that would understand where I was coming from, but like, someone that would also not be good friends with me if that makes sense since this whole EP is about growth, it’s about accepting the wrongdoings and become more human and her and I didn’t get along that well.. [Laughs] I don’t know if people remember that but we had a huge Twitter fight a long time ago so I was like, “Oh, I guess Madonna could be a part of this?” so we talked it out, set our differences apart and started to make music together and that’s how Froid was born. I loved having the time to work with her because this EP also has a lot of inspiration from her, so it was a full circle moment for me. I don’t think that anyone else but her would fit into this EP, if I’m being honest. 

Going on tour
KYLIE: When I started making music, one of my goals was to tour around the world and meet fans, have some cool moments with them.. I used to go to Britney concerts when I was young and always thought that I would want to be like that someday, you know, being on stage and perform for my fans some music and have like a bonding time over it. I actually was working on it, the tour, we thought of a really small tour because of how the EP isn’t big enough for a big tour and I was ultimately ok with that because this tour also would be very small [laughs] I don’t have much songs to perform on it so it would be basically the EP and well, Nostalgia [laughs] so there you go! There’s the tour setlist [laughs]. Let’s add Libido there too just to squish something in too [laughs] but yeah, I’d love to come here in the future with the tour. 


As the show comes back from a commercial break, KYLIE would be introduced by the host and then you’d immediately see the stage and KYLIE was seen in a black leather outfit and she’d begin by singing the LIBIDO pre-chorus as she was dancing around the stage with her dancers very sensually and as the chorus and her verse ends, KYLIE would be seen then being dragged by two men into a table and they strap her onto it as the dancers leave. KYLIE would bring to life her music video for is, showing her being handled by powerful men through the performance. When it ends, KYLIE is set free and stands in the middle of the stage as the fans were clapping and the show comes to an end.


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