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Was Nicole A Threat?????

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With Notable Vocal and performance skill and British Solo Fame was Nicole Scherzinger a threat to the industry?bey4


Nicole’s only disadvantage was poor solo music and Poor marketing. I bet you a MILLION that had all the dolls sang and she had a neutral spot....her image would’ve been PERFECT. 

Even if you don’t like her.....you can’t help but see that she could’ve been a pop force and Possible** icon 



Also......Right there would’ve never happene if she wasn’t IT eve1


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22 minutes ago, LittleDudeNT5 said:

As a solo artist, she feels like a discount Ciara.


And that...


That's saying something... 

This. Plus, she doesn't seem very involved in the music. She's just singing what is being handed to her. She's definitely a great singer and dancer but what is the point if she can't make a distinguishable brand for herself...If she doesn't bring anything new to the table?

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Her first era was mismanaged as fuck - the single delays, the album delay then getting shelved, etc.


If she had a good management back then, she would've slayed for a bit (kinda like Fergie, Nelly - but she's more talented).

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She had potential and she is extremely talented but she is just lacking something that clicks with mainstream music listeners with her solo songs. Idk why because all of PCD songs are just her with th

Tell us about your experience with her

Nicole a threat?    

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