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Was Nicole A Threat?????

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17 hours ago, LetoyaLuckettStan said:

Yes Nicole A Threat.......




She has five top 10 hits in the UK (including a #1), she was part of one of the biggest-selling girl groups, and regularly appears on/judges a primetime reality TV show and yet... where is she? Hanging out in gay bars sniffing poppers giveup1 

Nicel Shitsinger had plenty of opportunities to become a threat, but didn't. 

16 hours ago, Dangerous Jim said:

Sadly she is a straight up cunt and it shows 

From one to another jj2

14 hours ago, Ruthless Love said:

Oh fuck... I forgot about this bahp! brit2

I just remembered Poison shock1 She actually had some half-decent material but I wouldn't have been surprised if they were Alexis Jordan rejects.

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6 hours ago, Madonna said:

This. Plus, she doesn't seem very involved in the music. She's just singing what is being handed to her. She's definitely a great singer and dancer but what is the point if she can't make a distinguishable brand for herself...If she doesn't bring anything new to the table?

Whitney Houston of the 2010s yas2

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I feel like while she's really talented and a great singer, most of her songs are meant to be seen with the music video so you get the "look at me, I'm super hot" vibe that all her music has. Even her solo ballads have that vibe. If you don't do so, you probably will get bored. The thing is that while she's really talented vocally, her songs are really basic, predictable and lack any effort. I mean, most people thought that she was a mediocre singer until they saw that Phantom Of The Opera rendition that her 2 die-hard fans post all the time. She also has a bitchy vibe, but that's just a personal perception.

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She had potential and she is extremely talented but she is just lacking something that clicks with mainstream music listeners with her solo songs. Idk why because all of PCD songs are just her with th

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Nicole a threat?    

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