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FOTP Big Brother 9 | Sign Ups

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New decade, new season! That's right everyone, FOTP Big Brother is back and more glamorous than ever! It's the Roaring 20's dahhhling we just simply had to bring BB back!

I am your fabulous host, Justice Chen!

Wanna join in on the action? Want to possibly win TWO months of free VIP? Do you love drama? Want to backstab? Want to manipulate? Want to win a bunch of competitions? Want to start a few fights? Well, this is the game for YOU!


How To Play

The main object of the game is to be the last remaining contestant (houseguest) remaining. Every day, you and your fellow players will vote to eliminate (evict) one person. Worried you may be the first one targeted? Don't worry, there are ways to stay safe!

Head Of Household

At the beginning of each day, you will all "compete" to win head of household. The person that wins this title will be safe, however, they are the ones responsible for nominating two people for eviction. The Head of Household does not get a vote in the eviction unless there is a tie. If you win HOH once, you will not be eligible to be the next HOH. This is to prevent one person from being HOH numerous times in a row.

Power of Veto

So the Head of Household has named their nominees and you or your alliance member is one of them. Don't worry quite yet. The two nominees, the HOH, and three others selected at random will "compete" for the Power of Veto. The winner of the veto will become safe and they will have the chance to save someone that is nominated. If the Veto is used to save someone, then the HOH will name a replacement nominee. Once the replacement is made, those will be the two final nominees and their fates are in the hands of their fellow players.


I know this can be a bit confusing at first so if you have any questions or want to see how exactly this works, feel free to ask me or check out one of the past seasons (I suggest season 3).


How To Sign Up

If you would like to play, feel free to PM me. You can say that you are signing up in this thread, however many people have been keeping the fact that they are playing a secret until I reveal the cast. So it is totally up to you if you reveal here that you are signing up to play. However, you will not be officially signed up until I get a PM from you.

In your sign up PM, please include an HQ, colored picture (NO GIFS) of your fave or whoever you would like. This picture will be used to represent you in the game and will be your official memory wall photo.

All newcomers and veterans are welcome to play but the maximum amount of players are 30! So send your PM to me fast!

Another thing, if you don't plan on posting and interacting with your fellow game players, I would ask you just not play. It's high key boring to have a bunch of people not even show up to the daily events. Participation and gameplay are vital and I'm not trying to talk to myself the whole season!



1. If you make an alliance PM, you must include me or risk getting penalty votes. This is so that I can see what all is going on in the game and who is talking to who. Don't worry, @Big Brother Live Feeds won't expose you.

2. You are not allowed to spam off-topic conversations for pages on end. Every offender will be given TWO penalty votes. It's ok to go a bit off topic here or there, but if there are pages and pages of people talking about what they had for breakfast two weeks ago, you'll see an angry host! Keep it somewhat game related!


I know this is a lot to take in so if you have any questions feel free to @ me or send me a PM! I swear I'm nice on most days!

Sign-ups will close on January 30 so sign up FAST!

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New decade, new season! That's right everyone, FOTP Big Brother is back and more glamorous than ever! It's the Roaring 20's dahhhling we just simply had to bring BB back! I am your fabulous host,

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