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2. You are not allowed to spam off-topic conversations for pages on end. Every offender will be given TWO penalty votes. It's ok to go a bit off topic here or there, but if there are pages and pages of people talking about what they had for breakfast two weeks ago, you'll see an angry host! Keep it somewhat game related!

well that's me out huh


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Taking us back to a decade that saw rise of devastating financial crisis/stock market crash and continuous downfall of silent movies while post-traumatic stress disorder was blossoming all over the map as one of the many negatives of a previous decade’s world war I. 

The question now is will this new season be equally apocalyptic and macabre? 

I will read the contract first. jj2 Expecting Great Gatsby type of lavish party on day one to further display on-going decadence of moral, cultural and financial elements of society. 

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