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FOTP Big Brother 9

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Live Feeds Update


The first week has flown by for the houseguests. @Daenerys, @Hyun., and @Luca have been arguing nonstop in every room they enter together. At one point, Hyun was in the bathroom taking a shower when Daenerys walked in to brush his teeth. Daenerys made a snide comment about how Hyun is finally taking his first shower since he exited the womb and Hyun responded by saying he's shocked Daenerys knows how to brush his teeth considering the yellowness and rot that sit in his gums.

@Freaky Prince goes to @edwinfg and asks why he thinks he was nominated first to which Edwin said he thinks it's because Freaky just smiles and nods. @Ariana then walks in and smacks Freaky across the face with tears in his eyes. Edwin lets out a cackle and Ariana says he wouldn't be in this predicament if Freaky hadn't won the veto. Freaky then says he has no idea what the veto even is or how he was saved by it so he's sorry for anything that happened. Ariana then leaves the room dramatically, yelling "why me, oh god why me!" @Alexx walks past the door and says "this guy ammiright." He then says congrats to Freaky for being safe and that he's gonna go watch Hyun and Daenerys drag each other in the kitchen if anyone wants to join him. Edwin happily gets up and goes but Freaky stays in the room, confused as ever.

Meanwhile, @Cosmic was trying to take a nap in his HOH room when he heard some knocks coming from outside his bedroom window along with some faint screeching. He looked outside but couldn't find the source of the yelling or the tapping. So he went to the backyard to ask if anyone heard or saw anything. @Habits, @Entea, and @RihannaRTT all sat around the pool and said they heard it but chose to ignore it since it was none of their business. @Hylia said he thinks it's @Madonna trying to get into the house but no one is letting him in. Hylia flips a burger over on the grill and says he hopes Madonna is hungry after all that yelling because he won't be eating their food any time soon. @Quill says he's thankful there's a 90 foot wall surrounding the house that way Madonna can't get in the house very easily. They then hear the sounds of suction cups going up the wall followed by a scream as Madonna plummets down after losing his grip. @Winnie. then walks outside and whispers against the wall "we'll be reunited soon my prince..." and kisses the wall.

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Live Feeds Update   After the house went on lockdown, @Hyun., @Billie, @Luca, @Daenerys, @Maraj, @Cosmic, and @edwinfg all locked themselves in the HOH room. @Madonna, @Freaky Prince, @Habit

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Live Feeds Update   The first week has flown by for the houseguests. @Daenerys, @Hyun., and @Luca have been arguing nonstop in every room they enter together. At one point, Hyun was in the b

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