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Merch Collection

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Oh yes! alex1 

I don't have a photo of my current collection, but I love to collect merchandise!

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I’m trying to buy at least one shirt by an artist I have seen on tour. So far I have shirts from:

P!nk - Beautiful Trauma World Tour

Katy Perry - Witness The Tour
Ariana Grande - Sweetener World Tour

Nicki Minaj - NickiWRLDTour

Gossip - Music For Men 10th Anniversary Tour

Rita Ora - Phoenix Tour (Lollapalooza) 


upcoming concerts (and new shirts):

Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa antm1


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I have a good chunk of Mariah's discography and some CDs from Xtina, Stevie Nicks, Queen, Michael Jackson and Shakira

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I have a small handful of Marilyn Manson t-shirts

2 My Chemical Romance t-shirts

And the High Road target cd/t-shirt exclusive. 

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7 hours ago, Xtina Carey said:

That's iconic! Do you have any pictures ? 

I always try to take a pic of them all but it's almost too impossible to take everything out of their boxes especially cos my vinyl collection is secured in a closet cry9

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all i own is merch. my fav piece is my taking back sunday denim jacket for their 20th anniversary tour.


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Excluding CDs and Vinyl:

Katy Perry

  • One of the Boys Poster
  • Blue Teenage Dream heart shirt (from the California Dreams Tour) (though it's small now)
  • Tour light stick (from the California Dreams Tour)
  • Black "Vintage" Tour shirt (from The Witness Tour)
  • White "Witness The Tour" Button
  • Light up cat ears (from Witness The Tour)
  • Witness The Tour Book
  • Pink "Tsunami" Shirt (It says "make me ripple till i'm wavy")


  • Red and Black The Truth About Love shirt (from TTAL Tour)
  • The Truth About Love Poster (the "Try" single cover pic)
  • The Truth About Love Tour book

Ariana Grande

  • "Dangerous Woman Tour" white hoodie
  • "Female" interlude shirt (from the Dangerous Woman tour)
  • "Female" interlude poster

Taylor Swift

  • "Red" cover blanket
  • "Speak Now" tour book (even though I didn't go)
  • Wonderstruck sampler perfume
  • Rep Tour Black Shirt (with gold text sideways saying "reputation")
  • Green snake ring
  • Rep Tour light stick
  • Rep Tour tapestry poster
  • Reputation Tour Book (I honestly regret not getting more Rep-era merch)
  • Rose crop top (i have no clue why i got this)
  • Lover-era poster (the pic of her with the jean jacket on)
  • Rep Tour VIP box
  • Signed Lover booklet
  • Black "eras" shirt (including Lover)
  • "Lover" heart keychain
  • "Lover" button pin set

Lady Gaga

  • "Cross" necklace 
  • The Fame Monster Fan Book
  • Enigma longsleeve crewneck (with the main Enigma pic)
  • Enigma longsleeve crewneck 2 (with the other Enigma pic)
  • Enigma poster
  • Enigma mug
  • Paws Up shirt (from the Haus of Gaga) (but it was XL)
  • "Born This Way" black and red shirt (from the Haus of Gaga)


  • Signed "I Disagree Tour" poster
  • "Turn Me Into a Street" shirt

Jack Stabuer 

  • "Micropop" cover green shirt
  • "Hamantha" cream-colored shirt


  • "Hard Times" shirt


  • "Rainbow" UFO shirt (it came with the cd for the target editions)

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