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EXO Chen apologizes for engagement and "poor wording"

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“Hello. This is Chen.

After worrying a lot about how I should express my feelings, it’s taken me until now to write to EXO-L.

I’m worried that I might hurt you through poor wording, but I want to first off apologize to everyone who has waited for all that time. I also want to express my apologies to EXO-L who must have been very surprised and taken aback by my sudden news.

When I first wrote that letter, it was my first time too experiencing such a thing, so I worried a lot about what I should say to EXO-L who’ve been together with me. Still, I wrote a letter because I thought that I needed to personally tell all of you first… however, my unintentionally lacking and poor wording caused disappointment and hurt, and seeing you experience that made my heart ache as well.

I don’t know if my feelings will be conveyed well, but I’m sincerely grateful for the love that you’ve given me and I’m more aware than anyone else that I am who I am now because of that love.

I want to apologize again for expressing my apologies to you so late. Also, I will show you how I’m continuing to try hard. Thank you.” cr

original post: naver

1. [+921, -103] Ajusshi, please leave the group ㅜㅜ

2. [+455, -38] It was just 10 lines of excusesㅋㅋㅋ And yet not one real apology, just him saying that he “wanted to”

3. [+439, -43] I won’t curse. Thank you for all that time. But please think of the members and leave. Go promote as a solo.

4. [+367, -55] What kind of father is an idol?

5. [+266, -54] Just leave the group, please ㅜㅜㅜㅠ

6. [+125, -7] It’s too late. When your fans were having a hard time, you went to a naengmyeon restaurant with your wife, played all the games, your mouth shut and why are you apologizing to your fans right now?;; and this time, it’s not even your own handwriting.

7. [+82, -6] It’s natural to take responsibility for a pregnant girlfriend, but all you have to take responsibility for is EXO’s image that’s been compromised and the members left behind^^

8. [+73, -10] Don’t come out. If you apologize to your fans, just leave. What kind of baby daddy thinks they can be an idol still?





This is ridiculous. These people are not his fans wtf. 

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People really take the idol thing too fucking seriously. You're listening to cute girl/boy bands singing songs writers compose for them; it's not that deep. rip4 The idea that he should apologize for having a personal life, and that he shouldn't be allowed to pursue his career if he's a parent, or he shouldn't be allowed to pursue a relationship if he's a musician, is not only toxic but selfish!

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