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Lady Gaga | Stupid Love | February 28, 2020

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the song is safe but a bop and the video is fun despite having a $2 budget... it seems like she has a coherent vision for this era so far and i am living! off to a good start, hopefully it stays this way 💕 


the way i might regret posting this in a few weeks


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The video looks super pixelated.. shooting on an iphone was NOT the move, the video could have POPPED with color and glittery pastels but the iphone makes it look muddy and cheap. The concept was so good too, I'm getting power ranger vibes and I feel so nostalgic seeing her dance with so many backup dancers. This is a good lead single though because the actual album has yet to come and who know's what other genres or styles it will bring to the table!

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everyone saying the budget is low, but the iPhone costs over $1,000 with no contract (iPhone 11 Pro Max) ajfdspiosdja   sis spent the whole budget on the phone

Ok here we go. I was hoping that the released version wouldve had a different chorus but now it just sits as a budget Bad Romance.  The video concept wouldve snatched if she had the right product

Gaga is a fugly fad? I never said that. Gaga is my friend

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