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Lady Gaga | Chromatica | May 29, 2020

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OK Second listen:


This is better than I expected. brit16 but that's probably because I had very little expectations after the first 2 singles. Is it her best? No. But I've accepted and don't think she can ever top ARTPOP/BTW /TFM (for me, at least) and that's fine. Compared to Joanne, I think this is has fewer duds BUT Joanne has higher highs (dancin in circles, john wayne, and perfect illusion). I appreciate how cohesive it is, but then again, I think Gaga has always been pretty good at making cohesive albums brit16 I also think some of the tracks will be growers


I think that my biggest issue with the album is the production, but I need to listen to it a bit more to gather my thots juicy1


After 1-2 listens:




Sine From Above


Sour Candy




Fun Tonight

Plastic Doll

Stupid Love (this kinda hit me today - i went from liking it to hating it to liking it again rip2)

Rain On Me


No (as of now):


Free Woman

1000 Doves

Babylon (the chorus sounds too much like vogue and i can't get it into it for that reason rip3 btw never sounded like EY to me, but this does sound like vogue rip3)


Just as a comparison, this is what i think of joanne:



Dancin In Circles

John Wayne

Perfect Illusion

Diamond Heart





Just Another Day


Million Reasons



Come To Mama

Hey Girl

Sinners Prayer

Come To Mama

Grigio Girls


So more NO's on Joanne brit16




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2 minutes ago, CHANEL #1 said:

Her delivery of "My name isn't Alice" is DIVINE giveup1 


Also this album sounds fucking phenomenal on good headphones giveup1 

easily her best album vocally, it's crazy giveup1

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Just now, CHANEL #1 said:

I think I might combine Chromatica I and Alice cause I don't know if I ever want to listen to them apart giveup1 

all the interludes elevate the song after them imo, they're essential giveup1

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911 and Plastic Doll were both great. Sour Candy still isn't hitting me. I LOVE everything but that robotic Gaga verse. I do like the song more though in the album context than I did when I listened to it alone this morning. 

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On my fourth listen between this morning and last night and all I have to say is WOW I very much enjoyed Joanne and ASIB but I was very hungry for some dance Gaga and this is exactly what I wante

exciting times, if i hear anything else i'll let y'all know or if y'all want me to scoop details about past eras lemme know hehe

Not sure if you guys are interested but if you want a good wallpaper here’s the best quality of he album cover available. 6000 x 6000 not sure if this leaked yet.  

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