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Lady Gaga | Chromatica | May 29, 2020

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"Regarding the rumored Ariana collab, Gaga sent Ariana flowers for her birthday last year in June, which was kinda random because they hadn't interacted all that much, so maybe that's around the time they made the song. Also, Ariana's photographer/videographer Alfredo and her head dancer/choreographer Brian also liked the Chromatica album announcement on IG."

Please be true oprah15

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1 hour ago, CHANEL #1 said:

Why the fuck does her european store have nine different versions of the album and then her US store we just got the four basic ones and not even the deluxe um2 

What if the Deluxe is Target exclusive in the U.S.? um2

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16 minutes ago, Skyline said:

What if the Deluxe is Target exclusive in the U.S.? um2

That doesn't explain why we can't get all the other collectible editions um2 


We got all the same Stupid Love stuff why can't we get the same album options um2 

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22 hours ago, Freaky Prince said:

Gaga and Michael have been dating for like 3 months, so this pretty much confirms the collaboration. 


Queens collabing. I really hope the rumors about their collab being the second single are true.oprah15

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