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Lady Gaga | Chromatica | May 29, 2020

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on a revisted review



the standout highlights are Replay, ROM, and Babylon


fan favorites evidently would be Alice and Enigma, two “hidden gens”



I can’t believe she released Fun Tonight sns. It feels filler and was very overrated to begin with

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I had recently a pink-green epiphany and it went something like this


I was listening to some random electro music playlist on apple music at work, and suddenly Sine From Above Remix came along, and I was shook how good it was. I literally spent rest of a day listening to it on repeat and then decided to check out rest of Remix album as I never really played it except from 911 because of Charli XCX, and I really liked most of it a lot, so then I thought well let's check out Chromatica as well, as the only song I was ever listening to from that album was Replay which I really loved from release day, but never really paid attention to the rest of the album. I always liked artwork a lot, original cover and  remix album as well were always great and I liked concept of it a lot but I was disappointed that they never really expanded on them with rest of this era.

So I have listened to whole album, and really liked it. For the first time Ive noticed that it's not as happy as I thought it was, and I could relate to it a lot, as last few months were really hard for my family - illness & death and few other things - and maybe because of that album really clicked for me. Then I read that she worked on it when she was "sad and mad" and I could really feel that. Lot of lyrics made lot of more sense to me, and I liked that despite sad lyrics songs have very opposite vibe when it comes to music. Kind of like you're at moment in your life where you are mostly past anger and sadness but not quiet over yet, so you kind of see the future brighter but it's still ahead of you.

Later after that I was talking to my Madonna friend and I joked that I have sinned because I bought both albums and he told me he likes this record as well a lot too and told me to check out 911 video as I have never watched it and it was one more time Chromatica era work slayed me. I absolutely loved video and whole concept.

For me this album is 100% her best work both visuals and music.

Okay that's end of my essay.



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On my fourth listen between this morning and last night and all I have to say is WOW I very much enjoyed Joanne and ASIB but I was very hungry for some dance Gaga and this is exactly what I wante

exciting times, if i hear anything else i'll let y'all know or if y'all want me to scoop details about past eras lemme know hehe

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