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Lady Gaga | Chromatica | May 29, 2020

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Y'all can think what you want about me, but I never trolled about Gaga.


This is easily her most detailed, most crazy and exciting cover, jaw dropping.


Pay attention to the placeholder and think about what it could be in a bigger perspective.


Considering how they loved Paper Magazine shoot, I expect similar reaction


@Supervillain Is the cover textless?



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anyways im low key glad chromatica was delayed oprah15 dua is EATING the gays up rn, chromatica would inevitably be compared to it oprah15 

let the other girlies release for a bit and then gaga can get the attention she deserves when she rereleases chromatica with rain on me as the lead and stupid love + babylon relegated to japan bonus edition target exclusive tracks oprah15 

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If she stuck to the release date it would've flopped hard became her Glitter era, except far less iconic and without JLo stealing half the album. The youthful gays are busy rightfully stanning Dua, so at a sales point of view what she's doing is smart. Hopefully she can release a promo single soon, even though it probably won't do well given what's going on it would keep the momentum going. By delaying the album with no future singles in sight she risks loosing momentum and having her Me.I.Am Enigma... The Elusive Photocopier era. Maybe the Coronamatic era will smash over summer with that rumoured Ariana single. 

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8 hours ago, ajp said:

iTunes  has a “placeholder” release date of Dec 31, 2020 - They don’t even know when it’s coming out, now. brit14

That’s always been the case. Bobby said that when Gaga has a new date, she’ll announce it. Indicators for now are pointing towards a June release.

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On my fourth listen between this morning and last night and all I have to say is WOW I very much enjoyed Joanne and ASIB but I was very hungry for some dance Gaga and this is exactly what I wante


i'm so happy to stan a popstar who likes to remind us of COVID every single moment of the day instead of trying to take our minds off of it with the new album she has lying around

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