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Lady Gaga | Chromatica | May 29, 2020

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8 hours ago, Hyun. said:

stream Stupid Love remix when she releases it this week bc that's all we're gonna get


It’s coming this week? Her mind… it shocks me.


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19 hours ago, Hylia said:

@Harry Styles do you have any tea? We’re thirsty


Sorry I thought I’d posted my response here days ago SJDHDJD gaga’s curse affecting me now, basically everything is in limbo and they’re having a reshuffle. Last I heard ROM is still coming in a few weeks either the 15th or 22nd but the album and now the fate of FW and the video is... well... ari9

Edit: well she just posted the album release is happening on the 29th so maybe the original schedule or ROM on the 15th is coming

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On my fourth listen between this morning and last night and all I have to say is WOW I very much enjoyed Joanne and ASIB but I was very hungry for some dance Gaga and this is exactly what I wante

exciting times, if i hear anything else i'll let y'all know or if y'all want me to scoop details about past eras lemme know hehe

Not sure if you guys are interested but if you want a good wallpaper here’s the best quality of he album cover available. 6000 x 6000 not sure if this leaked yet.  

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