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Charli XCX | How I’m Feeling Now | May 15, 2020

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pink diamond.....i had to listen a second time but WHEW it started to hit.

forever and claws have been my fave songs of 2020 so far so case closed on those beauties.

7 years....how does she do it????

c2.0....this is SO cute omfg. bebe1

anthems...omg how chaotic...i love it...I WANT ANTHEMS cheer1

this is so cool of her to do in only 5 weeks???? 

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The album is her best alex1

I don’t know what she did to convince Atlantic to give the green light to this era (cause they could have been dicks) but we are so glad they did. oprah1

party4uanthemsvisions - best album closing ever burn1

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I didn't think she could make a better project than "Charli" just within the time period that she had... BUT SHE DID. oprah2

Big big BIG respect for her producers and creative team, this has been a journey.

Also, Fantano better give this album a goddamn 10 clap1

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My only issue with the album is that it's a bit short. Two or three more tracks really would've fleshed it out. Other than that I think it's her most flawfree album yet xtina10

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15 hours ago, Diamond said:

Detonate really hit me today, I think it's my new favorite. The verses/chorus are already amazing then the outro HITS... oprah15 

Anthems is still slapping me in the face oprah15 truly new Bitch I’m Madonna when it comes to absolute messy bangers oprah15 We have to stan 

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Okay I love Charli XCX but tbh im not super slayed moo1

Charli album is far better for me in every way, this one is enjoyable but doesnt really stand out that much shrug1

I do like pink diamond, 7 years, enemy and i finally understand but cant really recall from memory rest of songs. But im gonna give it few more listens, maybe im not in the mood for it right now. 


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1 hour ago, Unapologetic Bitch said:

Wait its not in the song right jj4

I have migraine for last 4 days and i cant think  straight but im almost sure i dont remeber it jj4


omg no....i actually know that girl IRL. what's on the shirt is not in the song it's just a joke lol ari3

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On 5/17/2020 at 9:41 PM, Unapologetic Bitch said:

Wait its not in the song right jj4

No no, it's just a joke sia2 (but still a pretty good one, innit? rav2)

And hope you get better soon! Stay strong, boo alex1

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Announced during a Zoom Chat with fans  https://www.howimfeelingnow.co.uk Officially - Album #4:  

Actually so hyped for this, all the songs she released from this album so far are AMAZING! It all looks super low budget but also super like her! 

Quarantine bops are coming 

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