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1 minute ago, ajp said:


It’s the KylieSektionReUp cry6

Welcome Back kylie6


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Dont remember if i already did that so here it goes again more or less like that




Kiss Me Once

Body Language 


Light Years 


Let's Get To It

Rhythm Of Love

Impossible Princess (this album same as Bjorks Vespertine i have to be in right mood to listen or else it doesn’t click for me) 

Kylie Minogue

Enjoy Yourself



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13 hours ago, Unapologetic Bitch said:


taste cry7 

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1. Aphrodite
2. Body Language
3. Fever
4. Impossible Princess
5. Kylie Minogue
6. X
7. Light Years
8. Golden

9. Let's Get To It
10. Kiss Me Once

11. Rhythm of Love
12. Kylie
13. Enjoy Yourself 

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I really only listened to Aphrodite, Fever, and Kiss Me Once before this summer. I listened to pretty much every album 1994-2018 - nothing from her earlier years beyond the singles (and I don't know if I have much of a desire to) Now that I've explored, here are my rankings:

  1. Fever - still my favorite. Sounds fresh almost 20 years later and every track is gold. 
  2. Impossible Princess - if I didn't have a bias toward dance pop Kylie, this would be my favorite album. It is so different from the rest of her catalog and reminds me of an alternative/indie twist on Ray of Light. Can't believe this was received so poorly back in 1997!
  3. Aphrodite - so much fun! Pop gold thanks to Stuart Price. 
  4. Light Years - similar to Aphrodite - campy in the right ways pop should be and makes you want to dance
  5. X - a great variety of songs with some standouts in her discography
  6. Golden - guilty pleasure of mine. Some really solid pop songs and I loved how she blended the country and pop songs together
  7. Kiss Me Once - I listened to this when it came out so maybe that's why I enjoy it. Definitely a bit all over the place but some great tracks nonetheless. 
  8. Body Language - this album is by no means bad but it was one of the more "boring" listening experiences for me. Need to give another chance since people seem to love it. 
  9. Kylie Minogue (1994) - reminded me a lot of Bedtime Stories. A little dated but great and probably deserves another listen. 

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