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An Impossible Princess

Your Ranking of Her Albums

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1. Back to Basics

2. Stripped
3. Liberation

4. Bionic

5. Lotus

6. Christina Aguilera

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On 6/29/2020 at 11:30 AM, TheKingLives said:

So much love for Bionic! Woot woot

1. Stripped (masterpiece)

2. Back to Basics (solid listen)

3. Lotus (bop after bop)

4. Bionic (mostly a mess but some great tracks thrown in there)

5. Christina Aguilera (only the singles were good)

6. Liberation (LOVE fall in line, everything else is meh)

I'm also in the pro-Lotus camp--don't really get the hate. The album is loaded with solid bops. the intro, mtwm, your body? love them all

The production of Lotus overall is shite. The songs are listenable, but compared to what she had done prior and what she could do afterwards, Lotus is simply at the bottom for me.

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1. Back to Basics 2. Stripped 3. Lotus* 4. Bionic 5. Liberation  6. Christina Aguilera    *Don't drag me. The quality on the songs might not be great, but Lotus has

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