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Artpop has no skips tbh

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1 minute ago, Infrared said:

I have several skips:

Aura, 75% of the time

J&D 85% of the time

ARTPOP 55% of the time

Donatella 89% of the time

Gyspy 97% of the time


DWUW 100% of the time  nicki5

aura, artpop, and gypsy? girl eve1 

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11 minutes ago, Gilly said:

aura, artpop, and gypsy? girl eve1 

Aura is loud and noisy sometimes to start with

ARTPOP kills the dance vibe of the album, it's not a bad song, i'm just mostly look to bop.

Gypsy is just a campy mess. I can't listen to it.

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wow.. i never actually thought of it. but i only skip one song on this album: mary jane holland.

im shook. 

the chorus on Venus..


still chills inducing. i think of the greatest choruses in music ever sung.


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Literally full of skips

Her best album!  I’ve been preaching and saying and preaching that JND is a full ass bop ever since the album came out and it’s damn time someone agrees!

I would say I skip Jewels n Drugs but I actually deleted it so it's not on the album at all.   Dope is the only other skipper Anyone who skips Gyspy is the devil.  

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