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Mysterious singer

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I already posted this to a certain Lady Gaga fansite so you might have encountered it if you are a member there

It was a shower thought when it hit me that circa 2015-2016-ish GGD went into wild guessing after seeing a video about a concert. The concert was a surprise performance, held in Chicago(?) I think, and was given in a public square or street by a female singer, who was unnamed and her face was veiled, so we did not know who it was, and Lady Gaga fans went on days guessing who that singer might be, lot of people were suspecting Gaga.

The singer wore a black veil, had a black wig and a black dress if I remember correctly. The show was of rather high quality, had dancers and maybe a band(?) and a great entrance (might be mixing up at this point), that's why people were guessing Gaga. She sang 1-2 catchy pop songs, we barely understood the lyrics but something about a purse (?) stood out so people were calling that song the Purse Song or whatever, it was a mess. 

It ended up not being Gaga but some band that is allegedly made up of famous singers and it was a top secret project, they also had some songs published. I guess the project did not go anywhere  and idk if the band members' identity was ever revealed. Just thought about it in the tub and wondered if anyone still had that video or knows what I'm talking about 

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