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Free Woman: Demo version vs. album version?

Free Woman: Demo version vs. album version?   

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  1. 1. Free Woman: Demo version vs. album version?

    • leak version
    • album version

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Free Woman is one of the few underwhelming songs on Chromatica imo. Like that drop just doesn't do it for me, and the entire production in general is kind of bland. Which is too bad because her vocals and that chorus are a real serve cry9

The demo version slapped so much harder giveup1 

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5 hours ago, Gilly said:

demo was better


why does she always do this rip2 

Cause she probably felt like the previous version didn’t fit within the musical ‘arc’ of that album section and wasn’t reflective of the journey she wanted to express. 

I hear what she tried to do, but yeah... the overall product is just super bland and she sings like it shes bored.  

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I like the final album version cause it’s polished and finished. I do enjoy the demo and curious if there is a more polished sounding version. Just cause it’s a demo and far from complete.  I rather the album 

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I was waiting for the demo version to be polished but I’ll admit I was also ready to be disappointed gaga9

Let’s face the fact that we never get the versions we want gaga1

OT: I voted for the album version because it might work live I guess? Don’t judge me, I’m still disappointed and trying to cope with what we got  bebe1

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demo for sure! the album version lacks the punch that the lyrics call for, the song is a big statement that gets watered down by the album's production a lot, it just doesn't fit at all

the demo 100%. the album is just so slow compared to the demo. kinda wish the demo wouldn't have leaked until a few weeks after album release.

Someone needs to take the structure of the final version and give it the oomph the demo had. It had such a similar vibe to Sour Candy and would've fit more imo 

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