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Dennis Reynolds

Pre-COVID, would you hold the elevator door open for people?


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    • Yes, I would hold it open
    • I would do nothing
    • I would frantically press the "door close" button even though it does nothing in vain

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8 hours ago, Ariana said:

Same! I zon't have the energy to push les button for y'all late ass ari4

Unless it's the button to close the doors quicker ari4

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4 hours ago, STJ said:

Not always nicki5 One time, someone put their foot right before the door closed, and it opened again jj1

Basically breaking in, I- alex1

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4 hours ago, STJ said:

You worded it perfectly, I felt threatened jj1 and awkward

When you're in a department store elevator and a family with a pram tries to shove their way in: ew1 ew1 ew1

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No, when i was young i used to live in a high rise and if i saw or heard someone coming i'd always rush to close it so i didn't have to end up stuck with them for 20 seconds. 

This is the equivalent of me in an elevator:


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