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2020 Christina Aguilera Megarate

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Welcome to join us in 2 hours!!

Last mass tag I promise jj2 







@8Bit Heart












@Andrew Michael



@Anna Wintour



@Art Deco










@Beauty Queen



@Bionic Monster




@Black & Gold





@Brent Brashear




@California boy


@Can't Come Up With A Name




@Chantoya Jo Jackson


@Child of the moon


@Chris Morlock

@Chris Pratt





@Count Olaf


@Courtney Love

@Crystal Whore



@Dangerous Jim





@delete it fat


@Dennis Reynolds



@Destiny's Childs

@Devil Pray



@Disco Dee

@Disco Stick




@Dookie Quill

@Dr. Slay



@Dylan Monroe

@Earth Ripper



@El Goot

@Electric Light


@Emperor Nick











@Freaky Prince








@Gemma Collins




@Ginger Spice













@Harry Styles Is Daddy

@Harry Styles













@Hooker Barbie

@Hot as Ice







@I Brings That Levity





@Impossible Princess

@Into Me You See




@jacs vs looser





@Jelena Karleusa











@Judge Judy






@Katy My Sass Queen



@Kelly Clarkson

@Kenny Mccormick






@King Of My Heart

@King Perry


@King X








@Lana Del Rey


@Lane Boy

@Legendary Jakey


@Life Reaper Sammy

@Light Years





@Lion's Den



@Living Dead Boy

@Liz Lemon


@Lord Stoneheart


@Love So Soft












@Mandy Candy





@Mariah Carey








@Melt Away




@Mikey Likey




@Miss Show Business

@Modern Woman

@Monster Voices












@Nicole Richie







@Not A Sugar Daddy


@Nuclear Chicken

@Number Nine


@One Rude Boy



@Pageant Material




@Party Monster


@Perfect Illusion


@Petit Monstre









@Princess Aurora




@R A D A R O U T S O L D






@Rebel Bitch








@Ricky Martin







@rocky road






@Russian Roulette

@Ryan Zamolodchikova


@s3x Symbol





















@So It Goes...



@Solaris Lorica





@Station to Station















@Teenage Wet Dream


@The Countess

@The Last Of Us

@The Moon and The Sky

@The One Below All

@The Ones That Entertain




@Tim Liaison








@Unapologetic Bitch




@Venus XCX





@Vintage Music






@Wild Flower






@I Brings That Levity








@Miss Show Business





@Light Years




@Bhad Bharb



@River Song


@Pauly Antonio







@Neely O Hara

@2007 Britney













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Good Evening!

A warm welcome to the 2020 FOTP Christina Aguilera Megarate!
I hope you all brought your absolute A-game when it comes to shade, tea and bitterness for when your favorite song ends up at #124!
Let's get started, shall we?



@CharnyBoy @STJ @Habits @Princess Aurora @Freaky Prince @patience darling @Lord Stoneheart @Kirjava @Phoebe


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First up are our lovely bottom 10 songs! Let's get the trash out.

124. Shut Up
Average score: 2,75


123. Thank You (Dedication To Fans...)
Average score: 4,60


122. Make The World Move (feat. Cee-Lo Green)
Average score: 4,70


121. America
Average score: 5,25


120. Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton)
Average score: 5,65


119. Don't Make Me Love You
Average score: 5,68


118. Feel This Moment (with Pitbull)
Average score: 5,72


117. You Are What You Are (Beautiful)
Average score: 6,00


116. Circles
Average score: 6,00


115. Sing For Me
Average score: 6,050


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I am SO, and I cannot stress this point enough, relieved to see Shut Up at #124. It is an abomination and my own personal 0 kii1 

However, rats @ you for putting Just A Fool this low...

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1 minute ago, STJ said:

Did not expect Thank You (dedication to Xtina) and Feel this moment to be bottom 10...   the others deserved it. jj2

Xtina did not go all country on our asses for yall to disrespect Just a Fool like this... oprah4

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Graphics by @Michael. Welcome fa**ots fighters to the 2020 FOTP Christina Aguilera Megarate! I was inspired by @Phoebe who is currently doing this in Lady Gaga's section. Let's settle once an

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I mean it's actually a genius song, we're just tired of hearingit.

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