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Create an Ariana album with your favorite songs!

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No Tears Left To Cry

01. No Tears Left To Cry

02. Be Alright

03. Fake Smile

04. Breathin'

05. Into You

06. God Is A Woman

07. Successful

08. 7 Rings

09. Baby Loves (Interlude) [Bonus Track]

10. Moonlight

11. Tattooed Heart

12. Needy

13. Honeymoon Avenue [Bonus Track]

14. Ghostin'

15. NASA

16. Goodnight N Go

17. Get Well Soon


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Any album with successful is automatically doomed to flop harder than lotus


  1. No Tears Left to Cry (deluxe incl. mv intro / standard incl single ver)
  2. Break Free
  3. God is a Woman
  4. Dangerous Woman
  5. Right There
  6. 7 Rings (promo editions incl. featured remix)
  7. Hands on Me (deluxe)
  8. How I Look on You
  9. Bad Idea (deluxe)
  10. In My Head
  11. Fake Smile
  12. Better Off
  13. Ghostin'
  14. My Everything (us deluxe) / Thinking 'Bout You (intl. Deluxe)
  15. Imagine
  16. Breathin'
  17. Goodnight N Go (bonus track on all editions)
  18. Thank U Next
  19. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (hidden track; full studio ver)

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1. Intro

2. My Everything

3. Love Me Harder

4. Thinking Bout You

5. no tears left to cry  

6. Piano

7. bloodline 

8. everytime

9. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored 

10. Sometimes 

11. Why Try 

12. Tattooed Heart 


Bonus Tracks 

13. Knew Better / Forever Boy

14. goodnight n go

15. in my head 


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This was SO hard there so many good songs I wanted to add but I like the idea of telling a story crushing, falling in love, breaking up, falling apart, acceptance/moving on 



1. Into You

2. Just A Little Bit of Your Heart

3. Touch It

4. Sometimes

5. God is a Woman

6. Side to Side

7. Honeymoon Avenue

8. Love Me Harder

9. Only 1

10. Breathin'

11. One Last Time

12. Everytime 

13. Thinking Bout You


15. Bad Idea

16. Ghostin

17. Imagine

18. No Tears Left to Cry

19. Thank U, Next 


Bonus Tracks:

1. Goodnight N Go

2. Bloodline

3. Better Off

4. Boyfriend feat. Social House

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1. Break Free

2. One Last Time

3. Into You

4. Greedy

5. Side to Side

6. Be Alright

7. Sweetener

8. Breathin'

9. No Tears Left to Cry

10. Everytime

11. Imagine

12. NASA

13. Bloodline

14. Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored

15. Thank U, Next

Bonus Tracks

16. Fake Smile

17. Bad Idea

18. God is a Woman

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1. God Is A Woman 

2. Dangerous Woman

3. Imagine 

4. Breathin'

5. No Tears Left To Cry

6. Ghostin

7. 7 Rings 

8. Thank U, Next 

12. Break Up With Your Girlfriend 

13. Side To Side (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

14. Into You

15. Be Alright

16. NASA

17. Bloodline 

18. Everyday (Ft. Future) 

19. Make Up 

20. Bad Idea

21. Greedy

22. Touch It


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