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Pretentious people who act above others who only listen to pop music..

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Also let me add that there are many rock/alternative bad songs with cringe lyircs, but the genres aren't that popular anymore and that's why not many know bad rock/alternative songs. ny12 I mean, a Queen lyric goes like: "You call me sweet like I'm some sort of cheese waiting on the shelf."  ny12 Even Britney and Beyonce can do better. ny12

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While I do think that people who say they strictly like pop should give other genres a chance (I'm not saying love it, just saying give it a chance just to see if it takes you by surprise), I'm not gonna shit on you for just liking pop either. I've done it when I was younger (shame someone who doesn't branch out) but as I've gotten older, I've just kinda realized it doesn't matter. I like what I like and I like to branch out but that doesn't mean anyone who doesn't wrong. Music is a subjective thing and some people have a preference to stay with what they know, and that's all good. 

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Thoughts on that? You’re NOT special because you’re forcing yourself to listen to some random alternative artists no one has heard about or bands from the 70s. Why do you think you’re above someone wh

Even worse when it’s a gay who tries so hard to be like “I’m not like other gays I only listen to rap and alt str8 music and I hate gay culture!1!”  

On the flip side, you're NOT special because you 'force yourself to' stan mainstream pop girls and talk shit about anyone who stans 'flops' or 'no1currs'. You're NOT better because you listen to artis

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