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What was the first Xtina song you've heard in your life?

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2 hours ago, Highlight! said:


My music taste back in 2007-2009 was horrendous.

I can't believe I liked High School Musical songs, Justin Beaver songs and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus songs....


Dirrty was the first ever Xtina MV I saw in 2002 when I was eight but never really took much notice into it as I was very young and was into my sisters Barbie dolls and Power Puff Girls but at seventeen Stripped became my bible. oprah7

i was also a fan of Justin back when I was little. i haven't listened to a lot of high school musical songs tho

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I believe it was the mega smash and classic Nobody Wants To Be Lonely cry8

I used to stan so hard. Every staircase in my life became the scene of my own version of the music video - I was portraying Xtine obvisously.

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The first song you heard by X was MOVES LIKE JAGGER? I’m sorry but are you 10 sis??? We- The first song I experienced from legend X was when I saw the music video for Reflection on Disney C

For me, it was Moves Like Jagger, but that was a feature. For solo, it was Genie in a Bottle.

No offense to @mylifelies it’s all jokes

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