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How many times a day do you shower?

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Some people shower once a day

Some people shower twice a day 

Some people shower every other day

Some people shower 2x a week 

Some people shower multiple times a day

Some people don’t shower at all

How many times do you shower in a day, FOTP?

Discuss. moo5


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1 hour ago, Winnie.#BLM said:

Once every 2-3 days, if you somehow smell so bad or are so dirty you need one twice a day there is something legit wrong with you. 

Chile we- 

showering twice a day has nothing to do with smelling so bad. Some of us enjoy showering and like to feel clean daily. Especially during these times rav2

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8 hours ago, STJ said:

True, I'm like a cat when it comes to water mj1 
If i didn't get itchy in certain places, I wouldn't shower at all mj1

sis go wash your ass for god’s sake 


OT: Once a day, sometimes twice especially when it’s hot. 

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I love this iconic and ahead of its time gif.

I personally shower twice a day  3x a day if it’s a dick appointment 

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