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Gwen Stefanee

What Are Your Most and Least Favorite Madonna Albums?

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Top 2:

American Life

Ray of Light

Bottom 2:

Hard Candy



I really appreciate 90s- early 00s from Madonna. For some reason Hard Candy lost me but I actually like her more recent albums MDNA, Rebel Heart, Madame X a lot more than the general public and fans seem to. I’ve tried to get into Erotica but I only like 2-3 songs at most. American Life and Ray of Light don’t have any bad tracks imo moo7 

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Favorite: Ray of Light, Erotica, COADF, LAP, Music... Honestly it could be nearly any of her albums for me


Worst: MDNA or Rebel Heart


MDNA has it's moments but my first listen was a dreadful experience, Rebel Heart was a better experience first listen but it's so... Basic and safe. I only really recommend if someone is new to Madonna because it does a wide variety of stuff.

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Favorite: Confessions

It was my first Madonna album. My Dad really liked Hung Up so he bought the CD. One day he was listening to it and he had been drinking so he low-key passed out and the CD just kept playing over and over so I heard it like 8 times before Mom got home and I was hooked. Ever since I've been a fan. 

Least Favorite: Like a Virgin

Objectively it isn't her worst but holy fuck it's by far her most boring. Save for the 3 classic singles (and ITG if you're listening to the re-release) it's all filler, and not even good filler. Over and Over, LDLHA, Shoo-Bee-Doo, Pretender, and Stay are all snooze fests and it pains me that this is her most streamed album. 

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3 hours ago, Teenage Wet Dream said:

Least Fave: Hard Candy


Candy Shop, 4 Minutes, Give it 2me, heartbeat, Miles Away, shes not me, BEAT GOES ON, Voices, Ring My Bell, Dance 2Night >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

all bops!!

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Favorites:  Erotica  Music  Like A Prayer  Ray of Light  Madame X    Least favorites:  Rebel Heart 

Fave: American Life, fave track is Nothing Fails. The production sounds fresh and I think she served her best vocals on this album.   Least Fave: Most albums after Confessions. 

Top 3 True Blue American Life Erotica   Bottom 3 Hard Candy Madonna MDNA

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