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What was the first Lana song you've heard in your life?

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Born To Die in 2012, i remember listenting to it a morning before i go to school. When i came back from school i remembered few lyrics and tried to find it on google, then i watched the video for the first time ever and i stanned. cry7

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The ugly Club Clique Remix of Video Games. mad5 

I saw that the song was #1 in Germany and I had no clue who this girl was, so I searched the song on some illegal MP3 site and the first thing I heard was that remix (it wasn't labled as such).

The second song was Born to Die and I didn't like that either. Then, I gave Summertime Sadness a try and loved it. That song, National Anthem and Cola were the songs that turned me into a stan.

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Video Games. I had turned it off because I thought it was overrated after a few friends was praising it on Facebook in like 2012 dead2 I thought it was nothing special. Then Summertime Sadness popped up in my recommended a year later and I thought I would give it a try. I cried after listening to it and became a stan right then and there. That night I played the song 150+ times dead2 

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