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Worst song on Chromatica?

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in your opinion, what’s the worst song on the best pop album of the year, Chromatica?



HINT: There is none bebe1


but imma let y’all act like there is bebe1


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3 hours ago, Gilly said:

Babylon and 1000 doves


2 hours ago, SHANE said:

Plastic Doll. I find it annoying sia2


1 hour ago, Mikey Likey said:

Enigma for me I hate it ny4 



1 hour ago, Max said:

Alice is kinda basic. burn1 


35 minutes ago, Mr. Mendes said:

Replay is literally the only skip


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12 hours ago, Jjang said:

Ugh so many bad ones

This. Its actually shocking how terrible the album is. Usually there's about 4-5 songs I enjoy from each gaga album but the only song I use from Chromatica is Rain On Me and thats because Ariana MAKES the song laughcry1 The fact that Chromatica is going to get overshadowed by so many albums this year.

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Ugh so many bad ones

there's a lot to name. 

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