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Your folklore trinity?

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My favorites right now are 

this is me trying

the last great American dynasty


mad woman



There‘s no way I could rank them yet though. Ask again in a month. cry8 

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Okay I changed my mind again haha They’re all so good it’s so hard to pick. It’s gonna be a bitch to rank these all among all my other favourites which are hard enough to rank as it is haha 


Cardigan, August, This is Me Trying


runner ups: exile and all the others haha 

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Still can’t decide on a proper trinity but I think after a couple weeks mine is now:

Epiphany, Cardigan and Peace


First and last are extremely underrated. People are UGLY for putting them so low. Cardigan getting its deserved praise tho! gaga11 (Hoax is growing on me so much that it might be nearing my top 5, tbh)

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Tracks 1-6 Tracks 7-12 Tracks 13-16   But if I really need to pick between all of them, I would state: Exile, My Tears Ricochet, August.

exile, my tears richochet, epiphany honorable mentions: every other track

mirrorball, august, this is me trying      extended to top 5: cardigan and seven

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