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FOTP's Set Swap | 2020

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 2020 edition of the FOTP forum wide set swap! The fun event that was popularized by the Lana section and went forum wide in 2017 is BACK and better than ever!

Now for the two new members FOTP has gotten since 2017 who may be wondering "what's a set swap? how do I participate?" well let me explain!



Once you sign up, you will be randomly paired up with someone else, however these pairs will be kept secret. Do NOT reveal to your partner that you created their set. Only you will know who you got. Once you receive your partner, you must then design a set (avi is required, signature, member title, etc. are optional but add to the fun) for them to wear for the duration of the event. The user to receive the set cannot refuse to wear any of the set given to them as that ruins the fun of the event and they would look like a huge stick in the mud. Yikes.

While creating your partner's set please keep in mind these sets must be in line with FOTP rules. No dicks flying around or any nasty gore or whatever you weirdos wanna get into. Battlegrounds rules apply and lighthearted, fun shade towards members is allowed. If your partner doesn't have VIP, don't give them a VIP sized avi as that is also against forum rules. Also, try to be as crazy and out there as you can with your set. Now is not the time to be boring! The more outrageous, odds are the funnier it'll be, especially if it clashes with that users personality!

You don't have to be good at graphics or anything to make an iconic Set Swap set btw! In fact, the messier the better! Have fun with it and be creative!



Want some incentive to join? Well, here's one! Throughout the event, the entire forum will get the chance to vote for who has the best set. At the end of the event, whoever wins the poll, the set maker as well as the set wearer will win a FREE month of VIP! However, if the set wearer does not wear their set for the entirety of the event, that pair will be disqualified from winning the free VIP. In the event that this happens, the second place pair winner in the poll will win the VIP.

So, for example, let's say I made @Luca a set and the forum votes that he had the best set, both he and I would win VIP for a month. If Luca took the set off before the event ended, the runner ups would instead win.

Also, you are not allowed to vote for yourself. Your vote will not count. I will be checking so don't try it.



August 1: Signups!

August 8: Signups close, pairings will be sent out, and sets should start being prepared

August 15: You must send your partners set to me before the end of the day

August 16: It's time to put on your new set!

August 23: You can change your set back to your liking, pairs will be revealed and winners of the VIP will be announced



1. @Freaky Prince

2. @Moira O'Hara

3. @Billie Frank

4. @mylifelies

5. @Ghostface

6. @BabyMario44

7. @Tahj

8. @Chris Morlock

9. @Luca

10. @Madonna

11. @Phoebe

13. @Hyun.

14. @Daenerys

15. @Ariana

16. @Jake

17. @GlenCoco


Since this event is pair based, I ask that everyone that signs up actually commits to participating.

If you have any questions please be sure to ask me! I feel like I explain things terribly. rip4

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 2020 edition of the FOTP forum wide set swap! The fun event that was popularized by the Lana section and went forum wide in 2017 is BACK and better than ever! No

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