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Songs that got a lot of hate but weren't that bad

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I listened to Bitch, I'm Madonna and I didn't mind it. I actually kinda like it. It definitely isn't the best Madonna song I've heard but it didn't deserve all the hate it got. I looked at the comments under the video and the comments are mostly positive. I guess people got over the shock of seeing a pop star over 30 having fun lol3. The Light Is Coming is another one. I really think it got a lot of unnecessary hate (probably from the Ari stans who wanted her to make Dangerous Woman 2.0). It's a good song. Not the best on Sweetener, but a good song nonetheless. 


What do you guys think were some songs that got unnecessary hate and weren't as bad as people made them out to be?

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Add Baby by Justin Bieber to this as well. It's not a great song but it's not "most dislikes on a YouTube video for over 10 years" bad. 

1 hour ago, BabyMario44 said:

Call Me Maybe

People hated Call Me Maybe?

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