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Rank Her Album Covers from Best to Worst.

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I got time tonight (it's night in my country, good morning for those of you who experience morning time jj2) so I make this thread to appreciate Katy's album covers. This will not include any limited edition covers or reissue covers. I'll start with my ranking:

1. Teenage Dream


This album artwork perfectly showcases the album theme/concept. It's a "teenage dream" that everybody can understand and connect with since all of human beings commonly have that teenage memories OR idealization of a youth nostalgia. It also goes very well with the sound of the songs, by that I mean the production and arrangement of each songs. It's dreamy, fun, vivid, and sexy. Good job Will Cotton! Please work with Katy again! I BEG YOU!!! cry1


2. One of the Boys


This one is a photography and what a stunning work it is! It's flirty, seductive, cheeky, and youthful. She already played with dream/fantasy imagery with this album yet it's still very much tangible. It may look less stellar because of how HUMAN she looked in this setting compared to the Teenage Dream aesthetic, but it is still a good album cover that represents the overall concept of the album. Good job Michael Elins! cry2


3. Prism


I like this one. It's pretty, it's bright and it also correlates with the concept of optical prism. You know, that thing that can reflects bright light into multiple colors? I think Katy is supposed to be the prism that will show (tell) all the different colors (songs) to us/the listeners. However, it always bugs me that the sunlight behind her is not exactly behind her head. Instead, it's positioned to the left side of the screen (our left, her right). But if she is the prism, then that's not how it works. The light should have been exactly behind her which then would also create a halo effect around her head. However, considering that it would have made us blind, I can understand why they made it like this. Nice job Ryan McGinley! cry7


4. Witness


This one could appear a bit jarring at first glance. However, it correlates with the concept of Witness as a whole. It does not necessarily match the sonic production of several songs such as Chained to the Rhythm, Hey Hey Hey, Roulette, etc. but it still fits them as a loose imagery. I also like that there's the color purple, blue, orange, and pink/soft red that outlined her upper body, moving from below going up. There's also a curve of rainbow there. The eye in the mouth is a bit on the nose, however for a Katy record this imagery is very fresh and intriguing. I consider this a very fine work. Nice job AJ Numan! Also, cool design David Rudnick! cry9


5. Smile


Now, hear me out. This cover is not good. The hair is not nice, the shirt is not good, and the placement of "SMiLE" under her is just awful. The red thing under her elbows should have been an actual table or something. I don't like the background color, it's almost grey. I hate the font used for her name, it's so metallic. I despise her pose because her head got positioned not exactly at the center of the picture. The whole work is sloppy and uninteresting. I like the clown nose though, that at least correlates with the sad clown imagery. But that's it, that's the only good thing about it. Whoever captured, stylized, designed, whatever should not be hired for her next album. jj3


Anyway, share your ranking down below!


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4 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

Thats cute, but the terrible lightning u cant even see her

I actually use a fan made cover for my digital copy. This one, found it on Flickr:




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On 9/22/2020 at 7:27 PM, Freaky Prince said:

Thats cute, but the terrible lightning u cant even see her

yeah its so fucking washed out, who fucking thought of that rip2 

On 9/22/2020 at 7:33 PM, Bionic-AHHH! said:

I actually use a fan made cover for my digital copy. This one, found it on Flickr:

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she looks like this here 👁👄👁

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1. One of the Boys - I have to say this is my all time favorite, even though Katy was wearing like 10lbs of makeup during OOTB era the whole album shoot was on POINT x100, it was sexy, flirty, fun, and a bit camp, and totally in line with the image Katy was going for at the time

2. Witness - I like this one because it's simple, it's powerful, it simultaneously attracts and intimidates. The eye in the mouth concept is cool, goes with the Witness theme, I love the orange and red colors on the mani and above the eyes. The way the different parts of Katy are glowing different colors is a bit cool, the whole thing seems like something out of the future. I thought it was really different and striking for her, she wanted to make a bold move with Witness and I think the album art lived up to that, as much as it was misunderstood

3. Teenage Dream - this one is also simple but powerful concept and though it's much more iconic than the Witness cover, I always root for the underdog so I think that's why I placed Witness above this one. Also something that has always really bothered me is the cotton candy placement over the ass cheeks, just felt it could've been more fluffy there, and the way her feet are tense and pointed instead of relaxed, something about those two things has always made me kind of like scream2 

4. Smile - it got me really excited for the album but in the end I think they could've used one of the other images from the shoot that would've been better and more fitting. I like the "sad clown" concept but if you look at the individual parts of the album cover (the fonts, "Smile" just being written over a red block, the background, etc) it's a mess and a half

5. Prism - for reasons listed above - the lighting is so bad you can hardly see Katy and she just looks like a kid holding their blanky, plus the cheesy flower border, no thanks

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