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The Sun UK: Kylie on Disco, Paul and New Tour

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Loved-up Kylie says her boyfriend Paul holds her in a way no one else can

Howell Davies 24 Sep 2020,

KYLIE MINOGUE has praised her boyfriend for swooping in and saving her, following her self-confessed breakdown.

The 52-year-old Aussie pop superstar has admitted Paul ­Solomons had a baptism of fire during their early days together when she fell ill on tour.




She was forced to cancel a show due to sickness, struggled with the relentless pace of touring and was still recovering from what she called a “nervous breakdown” after splitting from her then-fiancé, British actor Joshua Sasse.

Praising Paul, who works as GQ magazine’s creative director, she said: “He’s been great . . .  he is great. He got thrown in at the deep end dating me, like, ‘Now I’m going on tour’.

“He had to come to the rescue a few times on tour when I was really unwell. He’d swoop in and hold me in a way that no one else can.

“He cares about my fans, he cares about my world, but mostly he cares about me. It’s so nice to have that one person who’s not involved in your tour, not in that way, and just wants to know that I’m OK.


“So things are really good and he’s excited about this next phase for me.”

Kylie was introduced to him by mutual friends, just as she was ­getting over her heartbreak from the end of her engagement to Joshua — who she later said she was “deluded” to think she could marry.

Running gag

The pair split in 2017 following ­suspicions that the man she once said made her “deliriously happy” had cheated on her with his US TV co-star Marta Milans.

Kylie later told how she was left “broken”, adding: “I just wanted to stop. I think it’s called a nervous breakdown.”

The drama was the latest of many in Kylie’s rocky love life, following high-profile relationships with Jason Donovan, Michael Hutchence and actor Olivier Martinez, who she dated from 2003 to 2007.


But things are clearly different with Paul and after Kylie speaks so ­lovingly about him, I can’t help but ask if he has popped the question, pointing out she has two gold bands on her ring finger.

Looking down at her hands as if in shock, she pauses, laughs and says: “I do, but I just put these on today. So no. I literally put those on before.

“We’re really low-key, we’re very real, very supportive. We’re just taking things as they come for now, for always. Who knows what’s to come?”

In the past two years Kylie has scored two No1 albums, completed two major tours and performed ­Glastonbury’s most-watched set ever.

Right now, her focus is on her 15th album Disco, which is out on November 6, and its second single Magic, which was released yesterday.


It’s a joyful, radio-friendly tune which has already had fans dancing around their houses.

But now the bona fide music icon is finding her three decades of ­entertaining audiences across the globe starting to catch up with her.

Talking about Golden, her energetic 26-date European tour two years ago, she tells me: “It was particularly tough. I had to soak in ice afterwards. It’s like being a sportsperson.

“I’m terrible — I have to have someone else tell me, ‘Can you please take better care of yourself?’ It’s gruelling. You push through and you wreck yourself a bit more.

“My boyfriend would say, ‘Just don’t go 100 per cent tonight’, and I’d say, ‘OK, I’ll go 80’. He’ll say, ‘75’, I’ll say, ‘Look, I’ll start at 84 but I’ll max out at 102’. It’s this running gag.”


Despite the pain she went through on her last tour, Kylie is looking ­forward to getting back out on stage to perform beneath a giant disco ball, to match the new album’s theme.

Sipping tea opposite me in the ­garden of The Ritz in central London, she says: “As soon as things change and I can safely announce a tour, I’ll be knocking down the door.

“It’s taxing — more taxing than when I was 22. But I haven’t locked up my road cases, never to be opened. They are waiting, I’m waiting.

“But who knows what state I’ll be in — and the world will be in?”

One thing is certain — Kylie still has the body to pull off those ­shimmering stage outfits and lively dance routines. While The Sun declared her bottom an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 2002 after she wore her legendary gold hotpants in her Spinning Around video, it is her legs which have been getting all the attention recently.


Last week we told how psychologists had found that the ideal leg length is 1.4 times the upper body — whereas 5ft Kylie has an outstanding leg ratio of 1:1.57, earning her the title of the best legs in showbiz.

When I tell her, she says: “It’s very complimentary. They must have been looking at the good pictures, not the bad, because the angle is everything.”

But Kylie showed off her legs in a promo photo for her new album, and I tell her, as politely as possible, that they really do look incredible.

She says: “I don’t live in a make-believe world. There’s your reality when you wake up in the morning and there’s the mirror, and there’s a picture like that. I do my best to make the picture but there’s a difference. I wish I woke up like that.”

Although I am sitting at a safe ­distance from Kylie due to social ­distancing, I can see she looks remarkable for 52.


Asked the secret to her youthful complexion, she says: “Taking my make-up off, for a start. It’s less than the fingers on one hand, the nights I’ve gone to sleep without taking my make-up off. I just can’t do it.”

Her 75-minute greatest hits set ­during the Sunday afternoon “legends” slot at Glastonbury last year proved the demand is still strong for Kylie, who has had 34 Top Ten ­singles, including seven No1s.

But it’s remarkable to me that she still has the drive to continue on the treadmill of making albums and ­performing, in an industry where so many burn out after a few years.

Speaking about the decision to get back in the studio for Disco, she says: “I’m too curious. I’m like, ‘That’s all good and well but I want to make some new music’.

“We started last year not really knowing what the album would be.


“There was no concept, I just wanted to get in and see what ­happened.”

Lucky break

The pandemic has meant it is her most hands-on album ever, as she had only recorded previous single Say Something, current tune Magic and one other track before ­lockdown hit in March.

Having mastered the intricacies of sound engineering at home, she says: “There’s nine songs that came from my living room, then I think the four bonus tracks on the deluxe version are all from home as well.

“I joked when we were working on the album, I said to the people I was working with, ‘I’m going to need an engineer credit for this’.

“I said it as a bit of a throwaway thing, then by the end of the album I thought, ‘I’m totally getting an additional engineer credit!’ I did all the plugging together and stressed about it.”


Talking of Paul, Kylie says: 'He cares about my fans, he cares about my world, but mostly he cares about me'

And it is her album which helped her to deal with being trapped indoors during lockdown.

She says: “It did present its ­challenges towards the end, when it all caught up with me. I’d been going, going, going really hard, a) to get it done but b) it was a distraction, a coping mechanism.

“I had one producer say, ‘I just realised today that this has kept me sane, doing this’.

“We all had that common thing of a place to focus your energy and a place to pretend for a minute.


“You’re not watching the news while you’re doing that, so you didn’t have to see it.

“We were aware of it and I’m not sure that through lockdown lyrics were written about that, but they were coloured by it, for sure.”

When the album comes out on the first Friday of November, it will put Kylie head-to-head with the sixth release from Little Mix, in what she said earlier this week could be a chart battle to rival Oasis and Blur in 1995.

But whatever happens, the ­loveliest lady in pop is just proud to still be making music.

She adds: “I’m so grateful. I’ve had so many peaks and valleys of my career and nobody hands it to you on a plate.

“I think you need a lucky break but then you have to act on that, but then it’s just work.



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56 minutes ago, plutoniano said:

i just realised if Disco snatches the #1 she'll have #1 debuts 3 years in a row giveup1 

And a #1 in each decade 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s, 20’s bey12

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4 hours ago, plutoniano said:



the fact 13/16 songs were recorded on her home makes me scream tho eve1 

engineering legend!

Dido recorded entire last record in her living room on her laptop, and it was flawless well produced record, Bjork records her songs on her laptop at home too, i have no doubt that Kylie will also deliver quality for us bebe1


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i just realised if Disco snatches the #1 she'll have #1 debuts 3 years in a row  

And a #1 in each decade 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s, 20’s 

the fact 13/16 songs were recorded on her home makes me scream tho   engineering legend!

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