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Chromatica vs Madame X

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Chromatica I vs Medellin

Alice vs Dark Ballet

Stupid Love vs God Control

Rain On Me vs Future

Free Woman vs Batuka

Fun Tonight vs Killers Who Are Partying

Chromatica II vs Crave

911 vs Crazy

Plastic Doll vs Come Alive

Sour Candy vs Extreme Occident

Enigma vs Faz Gostoso

Replay vs Bitch I'm Loca

Chromatica III vs I Don't Search I Find

Sine From Above vs Looking For Mercy

1000 Doves vs I Rise

Babylon vs Funana

Love Me Right vs Back That Up to the Beat

1000 Doves (Piano demo) vs Ciao Bella

Coronamatica: 9 vs Mamacita Z: 9

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How the fuck are you gonna compare 30 seconds interludes to 5 minutes songs    Medellin vs. Alice  Dark Ballet vs. Stupid Love  God Control vs. Rain on Me  Future vs. Free Wom

chromatica for all and it’s not even close

Tea  even the interludes are better then some of the songs on Miss X

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