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There have been a lot of threads here about groups so I decided to post a thread about one of my favorite soloist these days.






Asma's Entertainment Conversation: MADTOWN -- Emotion - EP : Review




Lee Geon Madtown | Boy groups, Boy bands, Korean music



  • He was a member of the Idol Group called Madtown that debuted in 2014 under J.tune Camp (Same label as Mblaq) before the group was sold to GNI.
  • Sadly they disbanded in 2017 and won their lawsuit against GNI
  • He joined the Idol Rebooting program called The Unit with his fellow Madtown member Daewon and placed 18th.
  • He debuted as a soloist in 2018 with a new name: LEEWOO under Soribada Entertainment
  • As of 2019, he is now signed under KH Company

Guess My Male K-Pop Bias WRECKERS Quiz - By sailormxrs

  • He is afraid of frogs. 
  • He likes soccer.
  • He likes to drink coffee.
  • He likes working out
    • Spoiler

      fy! madtown | Korean celebrities, Boy music, Good looking mengeon abs uploaded by @SEBSVARD on We Heart ItFYLEEGEON : Photo | Kpop, Abs, Korean pop



His Music Videos









Kpop Soloist GIF - Kpop Soloist LeeWoo - Discover & Share GIFs




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3 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

i didnt know he was in a group dead2 

Madtown bebe1

who severd a forever bawp called Oh My God Thanks

and served visuals like Jota did...

Official Cool Kiz 우리�네 예체능 Judo arc :) Jota~ - Variety Shows  - OneHallyu

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