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Britney Spears' capacity called into question as lawyer defends lack of direct testimony

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Britney Spears


Fans behind the #FreeBritney movement grew louder this summer as headlines sparked by probate court proceedings stoked their belief that Britney Spears should be released from the conservatorship she’s been living under since 2008. On Wednesday, the singer's court-appointed lawyer told an L.A. judge she lacks the capacity to sign a declaration expressing her wishes and compared her to a "comatose" person. Since August, attorney Samuel Ingham has fueled the #FreeBritney flames with headline-grabbing legal filings claiming she didn't want her father, Jamie Spears, to be solely in charge of her conservatorship and that he was trying to keep the dispute secret by asking the court to seal records.

One piece of news seemed largely ignored by those calling for Britney's emancipation: It was revealed in an Aug. 31 filing by Ingham that the conservatorship is voluntary. If the singer wants out, Ingham can file the paperwork. Of course, it wouldn’t be simple or quick. There would likely be an evaluation of whether she has the capacity to make such a decision — especially now that Ingham has called it into question in court — and whether she’s capable of managing her affairs without being subject to undue influence. Still, accusations that Jamie was effectively holding the singer legally hostage continued to gain traction with fans this summer after Ingham, in an Aug. 17 filing, indicated Britney no longer wanted her father to be the sole conservator of her estate and was "strongly opposed" to him being reinstated as the conservator of her person.

Ingham described Britney's conservatorship as having three phases. During the first "triage" phase, "her conservators rescued her from a collapse, exploitation by predatory individuals and financial ruin." Next came the time when she was actively performing again and "with the aid of a personal manager, a business manager and many other individuals, BRITNEY was able to regain her position as a world-class entertainer with multiple world tours, a television series and a residency in Las Vegas." The third and current phase, he says, reflects Britney's desire not to perform, and he argues "the conservatorship must be changed substantially in order to reflect the major changes in her current lifestyle and her stated wishes." He also noted, in underlined font, that Britney was requesting the adjustments "without in any way waiving her right to seek termination of this conservatorship in the future."


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I swear to god they say she is not capable of anything but record music and perform which brings them money. That's all she's good for? 

Glad Britney is taking a stance and refusing to work. They need to respect and see her as a human being before a cash cow that can be dragged around. 

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It seems Jamie spent some money on press to make Ingham's work harder (although he really made an awful choice of words), 'cause well...  

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