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6 hours ago, Ghostface said:

Yeah, I also think we are already overwhelmed with how ecstatic this was.

With letting the final scoreboard be revealed, I really want to thank each and every member who took time to send these ranking to me. yas1

I also want to thank everyone who was here present and active tonight, I really appreciate it and you have made it really enjoyable for me too. Love you and super grateful. oprah7

If there were songs with the same amount of points, song that received more 10s had been placed higher.


What is this scream1 

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16 minutes ago, Ghostface said:


At least Daisies managed to reach top 5 after all unlike some other songs that also have collected two 10s. jj2

It's something


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5 hours ago, Max said:

Event Of the Year nominee at the Member Awards? I say yes clap3 

Whew, I am getting to see this after the Scattergories Round 1 is over and thank you so much. You and others made this rate, so that's on you too. bey7

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