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Ariana Grande | positions | October 30, 2020

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23 minutes ago, Max said:

ATRL hates it, so I expect it to actually be a good record. orangu1

ATRL is known for having a bad taste and lack of projection skills bar few people so it’s not an end of the world  dead2 

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My Hair should be the second single. The fact that this song is light years ahead of her standard artistry. A growth! The other songs are cute, but it can sound monotonous after awhile. Also, not ha making ha own Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.

Btw, it's very bizarre to see people complaining about the "new trend" of short songs under 3 minutes when the '60s was literally a decade full of short songs. Joni Mitchell had a lot of songs under 3 minutes and her songs are still great. Short songs don't mean that the creativity is trampled or cancelled, it's actually a way to reveal an artist's creativity and perhaps also innovation. Some of the new artists we have today don't really have creativity though.

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At least you got the free promo for the forum  yet still no signs of new members or new members who will stay around 

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